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What Is A Technical Audit Of A Website?

A technical audit of a website consists of checking every page of your site to ensure that it is optimized for the search engines that crawl it. While technical SEO may appear challenging, once you learn the basics, there is lots that you can do yourself to ensure that your site is healthy. Doing so […]

What To Do If Your Kindle Sales Are Disappointing

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Launching your book on Amazon Kindle can be an extremely exciting time for authors. However, whether it’s your first book or your tenth, anxiously waiting to see whether people will buy your book is nerve-wracking. You are now no longer in control, and all the blood, sweat, and tears you put into your story may […]

Tips To Boost Your Web Traffic

Every author knows that a good author website can massively improve their visibility as a writer, can help to boost their following, and can encourage more potential readers to take the plunge and buy their book. Creating a strong website is not just about quality design, imagery, and content, it’s also about understanding how to […]

Creating A Buyer Persona For Your Book

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Sally is a stay at home mom. She has two kids and does the school drop off and pick up every morning. She works hard to create a great home life for her family. When she puts the kids to bed she’ll read her book for a couple of hours. She cares about keeping in […]

Everything You Need To Know About Copyediting Your Book For Kindle

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Copyediting is an important stage of any book publishing process, and if you want your book to sell well on Kindle, you need to ensure that you copyedit it yourself first, and then have a professional copyeditor look at it too. Copyediting is different from plain old editing, proofreading, and line editing, and is arguably […]

Why Google Analytics Is Important For Any Business

When it comes to your business, the more you understand about what’s working, generating leads, selling products, and engaging your customers, the better. Without this knowledge, how can you be sure if people are discovering your website? How can you analyze their behavior when they arrive at your site? Without this knowledge, you’ll have zero […]

Kindle Authors! Here’s How To Spruce Up your Amazon Author Profile

When it comes to achieving success on Kindle’s author platform you need to learn how to sell yourself. This can be done in a number of ways – through your book cover, your blurb, and your author profile. Your author profile is an opportunity for you to showcase yourself to your readers. It can be […]

The Most Important SEO Tips For Every Business

If you are looking to improve your company’s SEO, you need to understand its intricacies. Working on your business’s SEO isn’t necessarily a ‘one size fits all’ task. Your approach will depend on many factors such as the size of your business, how much time you can dedicate to SEO, what your goals are, and […]

A Beginners Guide To KDP

If you are new to the self-publishing world, one of the platforms that is arguably the most important to familiarise yourself with is Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). Most authors choose to self-publish to get there work out there without delay and want to have ultimate control over how that work is delivered to the public. […]

How Will COVID-19 Affect The Landscape Of Digital Marketing?

When COVID-19 struck, it caused countries around the globe to go into lockdown. In an instant, the way that millions of businesses all over had to operate, dramatically changed. Almost overnight, a considerable number of companies had to re-examine their offering, undergoing a digital transformation. Those previously reliant on the majority of their sales taking […]

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