Amazon Book Promotion Programs To Increase Your Sales

If you are looking to sell more books on Amazon, you need to be aware and taking advantage of all the book promotion programs that it has to offer. 

Amazon sells billions of books each year and outsells all of its competitors time and time again. The combination of speedy service, cheaper prices, and the easy buying process make it the number one site for many consumer’s needs. 

Amazon also understands better than anyone that using customer data and algorithms help lead customers to the products that they never knew they wanted. 

When it comes to book sales, Amazon will use the information they’ve gathered to recommend books based on their customers’ previous behavior. As an author, what you need to do, is find out how to become one of those recommended books!

So what kinds of promotions does Amazon use?

Books that are related to items customers have searched for, clicked on, and viewed. Also, books that other customers have clicked on after looking at an item you have recently viewed. So the more often a reader clicks on your book page, the more Amazon will promote your book to others. 

It is possible for authors to buy traffic to their book’s page on Amazon. Amazon Marketing Services offers this itself by allowing authors to set up adverts for their books and whenever the ad is clicked this will be tracked and help you improve your chances of appearing in the “Customers who viewed this also viewed” sections.

Hot New Releases

To get into the Hot New Releases list your novel must have been published no less than 30 days ago. Books that are available for pre-orders can also be included. However, your sales need to be impressive to achieve this status. The more copies you sell within the initial 30 days of publication, the more Amazon will promote your book.

Recommended for You

Amazon also helpfully recommends books to its customers. The recommendations are decided based on the customer’s previous purchases. Again this is a case of the more you sell, the more likely you’ll appear in front of other potential buyers. So many authors don’t launch their novels effectively and then never build enough momentum for Amazon to pick up their book in this way. However, if you can push past the threshold you will be picked up by the algorithm and then recommended, this then can help create a snowball effect where you sell more and are therefore constantly recommended over and over, which could lead to gaining autopilot income from your book sales for many years. 

Bestseller Lists

Getting on the bestseller lists in your chosen categories is another great way to ensure your book’s success. you can be featured in up to 20 categories when you publish your book. Choosing your categories wisely can massively increase your chances of appearing on bestseller lists. Try to select child categories that feature in separate parent categories – if you do this you are actually increasing your chances of exposure twofold. Do this over and over and you can double the likelihood of your book featuring on a bestseller list. 

The Kindle Unlimited Program

Amazon likes to promote novels that are available in their Kindle Unlimited Programme which is essentially a membership for customers who can then read unlimited novels that are available from the platform. By choosing to include your book in the KUP means your book will be one of them, you can also list your book for free within the site which will boost your chances of getting it in front of readers (though not of making money from it, of course)

Amazon’s promotional programs have been created to make it easier for customers to find books they want to read. The more readers that finish your book, the more reviews you have and the more sales you make will all help boost your chances of being featured in Amazon’s promotion programs. So remember, your book launch and continued marketing efforts are crucial. Focus on creating a fantastic book and build up to your launch, then promote it in every way possible to give yourself theist chance of success. 

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