Websites Where You Can Promote Your Book

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When it comes to promoting our stories, having a massive marketing budget is always helpful. however, this is simply not a reality for most indie authors. 

Luckily, there are lots of sites out there where you can promote your book for free. The most effective approach is utilizing all of these cost-free promotion sites as well as some paid ones – so you only need a modest budget to get your book out there and seen by lots of readers.

Here are some of the best book promotion sites to consider. 

Remember, when doing your research, it’s always a good idea to consider how much web traffic each site has. The more people visiting the site, the more chances you have to showcase your book to a wider audience. However, naturally, the more popular sites tend to be the most expensive ones to advertise on, so you need to weigh up cost versus exposure to make sure that you get the balance right.

Paid promo sites

Author Ad Network 

Awesome Gang 


Book Gorilla

Book Goodies

Book Lemur

Free Booksy

Free Book Hub

Get Free Ebooks

Good kindles

Hot Zippy

Indie Author News

Indie Book Lounge

JustKindle Books

Lovely Books



Pillow Talk Books

TCK Publishing

The Kindle Book Review

Topless Cowboy

Free book promo sites

Author Marketing Club

Book angel

Books on the Know

Ebook Deals Today

Ebooks Habit

Free Ebooks For Me

Frugal Freebies

Its Write Now

Indie Book of the Day

You can also turn to Twitter to help you with book promotion and these users have decent followings and are ready and willing to help indie authors promote their book to their fans. Follow them on Twitter and send them a direct message to see if they would be happy to promote your book for you. 



















As authors, we all know that if you don’t spend time and effort promoting your book, it’s unlikely to be a huge success. So make sure you take advantage of these book promotion sites to give your book the very best chance to find readers! 

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