A Beginners Guide To KDP

If you are new to the self-publishing world, one of the platforms that is arguably the most important to familiarise yourself with is Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

Most authors choose to self-publish to get there work out there without delay and want to have ultimate control over how that work is delivered to the public. KDP offers a platform for them to do just that, giving authors the tools and resources they need to sell their books online.

What is KDP?

KDP is the most popular place for self-published authors to sell their books, either digitally or in paperback format, in a single integrated self-publishing platform.

The platform permits anyone whose written a book to publish it for free. The platform is a one-stop-shop providing authors with a plethora of useful information to make the self-publishing process super easy.

What are the advantages of using KDP over other platforms?

You have control over your rights. Authors list their prices, can make changes to their book even after it’s published and only pay a small percentage of royalties for each book sale that you make.

Earn better royalties

Publishing via KDP means authors can earn as much as 70% of their book sales. The royalties vary depending on several factors, such as the distribution channels you select. However, KDP still offers decent rates and gives authors the opportunity to earn lots of money if their books do well.

Distribution benefits

Amazon owns KDP, meaning that your book can be sold anywhere in the world. This means that you can reach more readers and reap the benefits of expanded distribution, meaning you could see your book in libraries, bookstores, educational institutions, and more.

Publishing your book on KDP

Before you publish, it is well worth exploring the resources on the site such as KDP Jumpstart, KDP University, Build Your Book, and their numerous How-to Videos. Once you have done so, you can follow the below steps to get set up.

Prepare your manuscript and cover

Your book should be in the best possible shape before you publish it. If you are serious about making money, you need to hire a cover designer and professional editor. However, if you don’t have the budget, there are ways you can get your book in a saleable condition for free.

Ensure you’re meeting the KDP guidelines

You will need to get your book in the right format and meet all the guidelines before you are allowed to publish.

Create your account

Sign up to KDP – it’s a free and straightforward process.

Create a new title and enter your information

Follow the steps to ensure you’ve completed all the information necessary to publish your book. This includes setting a price for your novel. It’s best to do some research beforehand to see who your main competitors are and keep your book within a similar price range.

Publish your book

Hitting the publish button is exciting and a real achievement for any writer. If you’ve opted to publish a physical book, you’ll be able to order copies and have the pleasure of holding it in your hands!

Publishing with KDP is exceptionally straightforward and an excellent starting platform for writers to showcase their work. So if you are ready to self publish, follow the steps above to get started, and it could be the beginning of an exciting new chapter of your life.

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