Kindle Authors! Here’s How To Spruce Up your Amazon Author Profile

When it comes to achieving success on Kindle’s author platform you need to learn how to sell yourself. This can be done in a number of ways – through your book cover, your blurb, and your author profile.

Your author profile is an opportunity for you to showcase yourself to your readers. It can be a place where you let them know your motivation for writing the book and why you are a great person to heave written this particular story. But it’s also a chance to let readers learn a little bit more about you. If they can connect with you, find you charming or endearing, this might just be the tipping point that makes them buy your book.

Another important feature of your Amazon author profile is that it is yet another chance to show readers how well you write. Now, of course, if you’ve written a fiction novel you aren’t necessarily going to write in the same style when you craft your author profile. You can, however, try to show readers that you are a proficient and effective writer, inject some personality into it and you will build trust and engage potential buyers of your book and pique their interest.

So what are some ways you can spruce up your author profile to make it more effective? 

Keep your bio up to date

Your author bio should be well-written, entertaining, and informative. It is not something that has to be static either. You can change it and amend it as more things become relevant or different. Add a tag line, link to your newsletter, and make sure that you craft your bio carefully. However,  always remember to check on it from time to time to see if you can tweak it or add in some information to make it even more effective.

Add some pictures

You can add up to eight pictures in your author bio so make sure you take advantage of this and add not only a picture of yourself but also other pictures that could be relevant to your book. People engage with visuals so this is another opportunity to make your profile stand out and reveal more of what your book is about. 

Link to your blog

Make sure that your author blog is linked to your profile so that readers that are interested in you can find out more about what you’ve got to say. This will also make you look more professional and active as a writer which increases a sense of trust too. 

Add events

The events section of your Kindle author profile is often neglected by writers but it’s a useful place to add upcoming events to let interest readers know what you are up to. So if you are doing a book signing, reading, or any other public event, add it on here so you can keep your fans in the loop. 

So there you have it, now you’ve updated your amazon author profile to be the best it can be you can rest assured you’ve don’t everything you can to keep them interested and curious to find out more about you and your work. 

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