How To Use Live Streaming For Your Business

A great way to engage new cohorts of customers, promote your brand, and boost interest in your business if to use live stream technology. Live streaming first became popular in 2016 with social platforms such as YouTube and Mixer capitalizing on the process as it started to boom. 

Video content consumption is huge, and so it’s no wonder that live streaming has become as popular as it has. In fact, statistics show that video content is the more frequently consumed content across all age groups. 

So what exactly is live streaming?

It’s an opportunity for people to create their own media show which is simultaneously recorded and broadcast in real-time. For businesses, this can help spark interest in the brand or the products and services they offer. Engagement can be massive and can be a smart way to outshine your competitors in a crowded marketplace. 

So what are some of the ways you can use lifestream for your business? Let’s explore:

Live interviews

Interviews are a great way to let customers gain insight into your business and what you stand for, or if you can secure an interview with a big name in the industry you can create buzz and interest. You can allow listeners to interact by asking questions in the comment section as you broadcast. 

Live Q & A

If you want to allow customers to get to know your brand better, invite them in for a chat. Let customers pose questions to you – just make sure you use an experienced host who will be able to answer any difficult or complex questions with confidence. 

Live Product Promotions/Tutorials

These can be great if you are selling a particular product or service that isn’t super obvious how to use it. A product demo can be so useful and ensure that customers use your products most effectively and don’t get frustrated if they don’t understand how they work. These types of live streams work really well for product launches and deals too. 

Live Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes videos can draw in larger audiences and help to grow your audience. By inviting customers to view the inner workings of your business you can hope to solidify your connection with them and encourage them to become more loyal to your brand. 

Live competition broadcast

A live competition broadcast can be a fantastic way to get more potential customers interested in your brand and what your businesses have to offer. By doing a competition of giveaway you are investing in your audience with the hope that you will end up with a much larger one as a result. This type should raise awareness, strive traffic to your site, and can help promote new products and services too. 

These are just some of the ways that live streaming can benefit your business. So if you haven’t tried it out perhaps now is the time to make your voice heard through live streaming and massively boost visibility for your business. 

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