How To Make Explainer Videos To Boost Your Business

Making explainer videos can be a great marketing technique that helps potential customers become more aware of your brand, demonstrates that you are putting customers first, and helps to showcase just how beneficial your products and services can be.

So what are some of the ways you can use explainer videos and how do you create them with ease? 

What is an explainer video?

Explainer videos are online marketing videos that help viewers understand more about your company’s product or service. They are commonly placed on a landing page, such as the home page, or a prominent product page. They can make a huge difference to conversion rates with some sites claiming that the addition of an explainer video increased conversions as much as 144%.

Types of explainer videos:

There are different types of explainer videos that you can experiment with to see which is the best fit for your business. Live action videos can work well if you are selling a physical product where you use real people demonstrating how to put it together or how it works. However, using live action means your videos will be pretty straightforward and simpler to put together. 

Animated Explainer Videos are the most popular kind, and are ideal for explaining more complicated products such as software or intangible tech. These allow more scope to be creative and can be edited post upload to make tweaks when necessary.

Whiteboard Explainer Videos these are videos where the animation is drawn onto a whiteboard by hand. It’s a low-cost way to make a video while still allow for creativity and imagination to play a part in audience engagement. 

How to make an explainer video

Here are the basic steps:

  1. Write the script concerning customer questions and pain points, including an overview of your product, the problem or question, and how your product will answer it or solve it
  2. Record voiceovers
  3. Produce your video – you can hire a production company to help you if you don’t have anyone in-house
  4. Add music and sound effects
  5. Release to the public
  6. Measure performance

As a general rule explainer videos should be short and sweet – under 90 seconds is best. Make sure your key messages come across as soon as possible, keep them as simple and clear and easy to follow as possible, and try to think of ways to engage your audience by adding humour, cool graphics and so on. 

By following the steps above you can take advantage of the benefits of explainer videos, engage customers, increase traffic, and boost your sales too!

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