Social Media Sites For Business Marketing In 2020

If you are looking for the best way to market your business this year, you should consider social media sites. Social media advertising continues to be huge and can be a beneficial way of making sure that your products and services are seen by those who would most like to buy them. 

However, if you don’t have a big team or budget, trying to be visible across all social media platforms could be bad. You need to ensure you don’t stretch yourself too thin. So how do you know which platform is going to be the most effective? Let’s examine these platforms in more detail. 


Instagram is where you will find big brands, bloggers, influencers, and people who love to share content with friends and businesses of every size. Instagram has over 1 billion monthly users; in short, it’s enormous. Teens and young adults tend to favor this platform over the others, so if you are trying to appeal to people under 40, you need to have a presence here. The optimum content for Instagram is beautiful photos, cool designs, selfie pics, and videos that appeal to your audience and breathtaking visuals. 


YouTube stands as the second most popular search engine globally, coming as runner up only to Google. Businesses that lend themselves well to tutorial videos, how-to’s, instructional videos, interviews, and product reviews will perform best on here. 73% of US adults report regularly using YouTube, though again, it tends to be the young ‘uns that admit to the most usage with the highest concentration of users being between 17 and 34. If you can hit the sweet spot between education and entertainment, find a way to promote your mission, inspire and motivate people, and show off your brand, YouTube could be the place for you. 


Facebook has around 2.5 Billion monthly users and, despite some negative feedback recently, still is one of the social media giants. Businesses that do well on Facebook are ones that could benefit from posting engaging videos, infographics, and photos, sharing industry news, posting surveys or asking short questions, and sharing graphics. This is also the best platform for the over 30s, and using Facebook groups and communities can be another great way to reach out and communicate with your audience. 


Twitters sees about 300 Million people use the site each month. 63% of Twitter users aged between 35 and 65, so again if you are trying to appeal to a slightly more mature audience, Twitter is well worth considering.

Twitter is used to report breaking news, communicate with users in real-time, and post small snippets of interesting, humorous, or entertaining content. If you are witty and political, Twitter can work wonders for you.


TikTok is the newest offering but has become an incredibly popular site in the short time it has been available. This video-based app has around 800 million monthly users. It is where you can post short-form video content about anything you like -though the site tends to be used for entertaining and comedic purposes.

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