What To Do If Your Kindle Sales Are Disappointing

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Launching your book on Amazon Kindle can be an extremely exciting time for authors. However, whether it’s your first book or your tenth, anxiously waiting to see whether people will buy your book is nerve-wracking. You are now no longer in control, and all the blood, sweat, and tears you put into your story may or may not pay off. 

You might think that pressing publish means all your stress and worry can come to an end. However, if you end up facing disappointing Kindle book sales you might be left with even more than when you began. 

There are plenty of reasons books don’t sell, and while this can be extremely disappointing, the good news is there are lots of solutions too. Anything that might dissuade readers from buying your book can usually be remedied, and with it, you could see your book sales increase.

So if your book sales on kindle aren’t what you hoped, it’s time to take the following steps:

Boost your publicity and marketing efforts

You need to put energy and effort into your marketing. If you haven’t created a robust and strategic marketing plan, now is the time to do it. Your publicity efforts need to be extensive and ongoing if you want to improve your sales and keep them coming over time. 

Rethink your book cover

Your book cover might well be the reason that you aren’t receiving the sales figures you hoped. Your book cover needs to be unique, eye-catching, and genre-appropriate. Look at other top-selling books in your genre for inspiration and consider a redesign. 

Rewrite your blurb

Your blurb is the first thing readers will read to help them decide whether your book is worth buying. If your sales figures are low, your blurb isn’t doing its job and you need to rewrite it to provide a more enticing snippet for your story. 

Ask yourself the difficult questions:

Is there an audience for your book? If you aren’t sure you need to do research. You should know that there are readers out there clamoring for your book and you should know where to find them – all before you publish.

Is your book really ready?

Being honest with yourself about whether your book is really ready to be sold can be a very tough thing to do. But if your book sales aren’t what you’d hoped, it might be that you still have some editing and rewriting to do. 

Remember, becoming a successfully selling author on Amazon Kindle takes time. You need to be patient, but also work pretty relentlessly to ensure you keep those sales coming in. You might think you don’t have control over whether people buy your book, but there is lots you can do. So don’t be disheartened, follow the steps above, and work hard to boost your book sales over time.

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