What Makes Reading On Kindle So Appealing?

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Publishing your book on Amazon means that you have a potential readership of millions. Understanding what it is that makes reading on Amazon so appealing can give you some insight into the audience you are trying to market to, which could influence the way you present your book.

So what is it that makes reading on kindle so appealing? Let’s take a look;

Space saving

Kindle books are all stored on your Kindle. You can have an entire library’s worth and yet you don’t have to have any storage space to build up your collection. 

Lightweight (good for travel)

When you want to go anywhere and want to take a good book (or two, or three!) with you, this can make your luggage weighty and cumbersome. You can bring as many books as you want with you wherever you go and they’ll only ever weigh as much as the Kindle does.

Easy to hold

Bigger books can be difficult to hold, especially if you want to read while relaxing. A Kindle makes it far easier to read for longer.

Can adjust text size and brightness

Some people find that books they love are printed in too small font and are difficult to read. With a Kindle, it’s up to you how large you want the font and how bright you want the screen.

Can read on a smartphone

If you forget your Kindle, never fear! You can still continue to read your favorite stories on your smartphone.

Can read anytime anywhere

Whenever you want to pick up where you left off with your book you can do so. A Kindle makes reading accessible wherever you are.

Ebooks last forever

Physical books can get damaged and worn, where your library of Ebooks will last forever. Ebooks are also stored in the cloud so there is no danger of your losing them.

Ebooks cause 5% of the environmental damage that a paper book causes. For those who want to protect our planet, reading on a Kindle is actually the kindest to the environment.

They save you money. Ebooks tend to be cheaper than their physical counterparts.

Authors make far more money from Ebook sales. Even though authors price their Ebooks lover, they are likely to make most of their sales this way. 

Instant delivery. You don’t have to wait around for a Kindle book to be delivered which means you can get reading right away!

Can make notes without ruining it for subsequent readers. If you are the kind of reader who likes to annotate as you go, this is possible on a Kindle without making the book unreadable for those who want to do so next!

So there you have it, just some of the reasons that make reading on an Amazon Kindle so appealing, can you think of any more? 

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