What To Include In Your Amazon Book Description

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If you want to write an Amazon book description that gets you ahead of the competition then read on!

While writing your book description well won’t make it more visible, what it can do is persuade those who happen upon your book to buy it.

Optimizing your book description can make a huge difference in the number of books you sell. So here’s how to write one that does just that.

Your headline

Your headline is arguably the most important part. Here you have the opportunity to hook readers.  Your headline plus the first few lines of your description are the only things Amazon displays – so you need to make every word count. If your reader isn’t hooked by this, you’ve already lost the sale. Using a pull quote is a very effective technique. Add a positive, engaging review quote to boost your conversion rate, preferably from a reputable source. Failing that, an evocative headline also works well.

Your blurb

Your blurb is a chance to tell your readers what your book is all about. Here is where you should include keywords that act as breadcrumbs leaving an enticing trail to help readers discover your work. Using keywords that readers will search for will help them match your book description with the genre, so if you are writing a contemporary crime thriller use keywords such as ‘killer’ ‘murder’ ‘mystery’ ‘assassin’ and so on to help readers understand what your book is about. Your blurb is the primary indicator of the genre. Be clear and precise. Don’t go into too much descriptive detail, but remain creative so you demonstrate to readers you possess writing skills.

You conclusion

At the end of your book description, you should try to finish with a flourish and one final reminder that lets readers know for certain that this is the next book that they should buy. Be persuasive and add a call to action here – if they’ve made it this far, they are interested, so they just need a little push to get them over the finish line. Draw comparisons to similar, notable books, but also say why yours is unique, include positive reviews, and tell readers exactly who this book is for. 

By separating your Amazon book description into these three sections and working on an attention-grabbing headline, an enticing blurb, and the conclusive selling points you should be able to create an excellent book description that will entice readers in and persuade them to buy!

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