SEO Copywriting Tips

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Good SEO copywriting can draw traffic to your website, attract new audiences, create brand loyalty, and make you more visible on search engines. By regularly posting good, SEO optimized copy on your site you can convey messages to your target audience, and persuade them to act in the way you want them to.

So what are some tips to help ensure that your writing not only hits the spot with your target readership but is also favored by search engines? Here are some useful tips. 

Be natural when using keywords

Researching and identifying keywords to use in your copy is important, but once you have discovered the optimum keywords to target make sure you use them in your text carefully. Keyword stuffing will have you penalized by search engines and will also make your copy impossible to read and enjoy. So make sure that you use your keywords and phrases frequently, but don’t overdo it, and make sure that your content is of value and reads well as a priority. 

Select your keywords based on your target reader

When it comes to keyword selection, don’t just think about the ideal keyword you’d like to rank for. instead focus on it from a customer perspective. Do this by creating various buyer personas and consider what words they might use to search for your products and services and instead build a strategy around that. 

Aim to become a feature snippet

Another great way to boost your content in the SERPS is to write for featured snippets. If you can concisely, thoroughly, and explicitly answer the query, providing immediate, relevant and up to date information, you are more likely to be chosen as the featured snippet, boosting you to position zero in the search result before all other content. To do this you need to take a keyword or phrase and think about the answer to it. Construct your answer by putting the keyword in your title and write a succinct bulleted list with the most crucial information.

Optimise headings and images

To make your content more effective you need to break it up with useful, relevant headings. Long passages oftest look overwhelming to readers, so use keyword-focused headings to create some space. Images also work well and give the reader something interesting to look at too. 

Don’t forget about internal linking

Make your visitors stay on your site longer by including relevant, valuable internal links that can help answer further queries of providing more interesting and useful information. Don’t stuff links in for the sake of promotion, but instead think about how to add links that help your reader, which in turn will help with the crawlability of your sire and improve time on page and pages per session which are also useful when it comes to SEO improvement. 

Remember there isn’t a one size fits all approach

When it comes to SEO best practice you need to take each piece of content as a unique and standalone project and consider the type of content it is and the audience that it is for. A landing page is going to require different tweaks to a blog post, for example, so always make sure you are writing for that particular content type, and above all else have the reader always at the forefront of your mind.

These SEO copywriting tips are well worth putting into practice. So next time you create a piece of content, make sure to keep them in mind. 

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