Design Trends To Stay On Top Of

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The new year brings about with it some interesting changes in the design world. In 2020, designers spend a lot of time finding new, creative ways to improve UX and UI. There was a massive increase in the use of immersive 3D elements, and soft shadows as well as floating elements that started to turn up in web designs across many different sectors.

So what are some of the design trends that we can expect going forward

A mobile-friendly approach

We know that the number of people accessing content via mobile devices is massive, and continues to increase. This means that designers will focus on  creating mobile -friendly sites with features that make the mobile UX better and better. 

Last year Google introduced mobile-first indexing. According to Google, this meant that they would predominantly use the mobile version of any content for indexing and ranking purposes, with Googlebot crawling and indexing pages via the smartphone agent first and foremost. This is massive for designers when it comes to campaign creation who must prioritise creating slick campaigns not for the web, but for the mobile market. This means working on smaller scales, but still aiming to create just as big of an impact. 

Storytelling remains the most effective technique

Using storytelling to sell products has been around for a while now, but it’s certainly not going anywhere this year, and is in fact, more important that ever. There has been in shift in the way that people shop, and now if you hope to foster brand loyalty, you need to make your business relatable. Customers are looking for brands whose ethos aligns with their own, who make their personality known, who aren’t afraid to be vulnerable or to take a stand. Brands who share their ethics, who inject personality into what they do and show the human face behind the business through carefully constructed stories, deliver a much bigger impact, create connection and ensure that their customers stick around for good. Storytelling is done by creating content in various forms that is well researched and valuable, has a strong voice, is consistent, entertains, it tailored to your target audience, incorporates images and videos and is honest innovative and creative. 

Minimalism is backing a comeback

People are still inundated with content and spend more time staring at their screens than ever before. That’s why a minimalist approach to the UI is a trend that’s making a big impact this year. Customers value simplicity, a clean screen, being able to navigate through a site with ease, and, most importantly, find what they are looking for instantly. 

Start making your creatives cleaner by getting rid of any excess, irrelevant, outdated information Think about how to deliver your message clearly and directly without fuss. 

Adding a human touch

People love a human connection, and adding warmth and even humour through little human touches in your designs can make all the difference. For designers this means getting more creative by using handwritten elements or hand drawn images that are charming and engaging and  and personal.

So when it comes to designing campaigns or your site or anything else in 2021, if you want to stay on top of the trends, be sure to bear the above in mind. 

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