Marketing Your Ebook On A Budget

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If you want to get your ebook in front of readers, a smart and strategic marketing plan is critical. However, if you are just starting out you may have little to no budget to make this happen. So if this is the case, how do you market your book effectively? Here are some ways to do just that without having to fork out the big bucks. 

Discover your target audience

Know everything you can about who you are trying to sell to. Any good marketing strategy has a specific buyer in mind. Without this, you cannot hope to create content and campaigns that will appeal. Be specific, drill it down, create a persona, do your research. The more you understand about your audience the more effective your strategy will be. 

Create your author website

An author website is your platform to showcase your work, and to show your professionalism. You can create a website for next to nothing and don’t need to be a computer whizz to do so. Create useful, SEO optimized content and post it regularly to draw readers in.

Create a landing page for your book

Your book should have its own unique landing page within your site that gives customers a place to be directed to – to not only find out more about it but also purchase it too.

Consistently post on social media

When it comes to social media, the more effort you put in, the more rewarded you will be. It takes time to grow a following on any social platform so make sure you post consistently and make sure what you do post is valuable and interesting. 

Work on your mailing list

When it comes to creating a mailing list, you’ve got to be willing to put the hours in. A substantial mailing list can form the basis for selling those initial copies of your book, getting reviews in, and boosting your popularity as a writer. 

Create an enticing promotion

If you are willing to do so, heavily discounting your book and then promoting the hell out of it can a great way to get a big boost of sales which could start a snowball effect. 

Track your marketing efforts

Understanding what’s working and what’s not is also crucial so make sure you set up some analytics tracking and keep monitoring how successful your marketing efforts are so you can make sure you tweak things accordingly.

Marketing your ebook is a time-consuming process, but giving it the resources and attention, and effort it deserves will pay out in a big way over the long term.  Just be creative and consistent and learn from mistakes and flops and soon you’ll feel confident in your marketing strategy and see those sales figures rise. 

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