What Makes An Eye-Catching Cover For Kindle?

If you want your book to stand out in Amazon’s teeming marketplace, a fantastic and eye-catching book cover is one of the best ways to catch your customer’s eyes.

While there are many factors that will improve the visibility of your book, one over which you can have complete control as an indie author is it’s cover.

So what are the elements that make up a good cover – one that hopefully will see your book gain a competitive edge? Let’s take a look:

A professional finish

By far the most important point to remember is that a book cover needs to be designed by a professional. While it is absolutely fine for you to give guidance and ideas and to have the final say, you cannot hope for your readers to take your seriously if you choose to try and create a cover without the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience. 

Bright and contrasting colours

Learning about the complexity of colors and what they symbolize is a good starting point. Did you know for example that green has connotations of nature, health, luck, and jealousy? Or that red symbolizes anger, passion, hate, love, and aggression. Choose your colors wisely and find those that best reflect the story. 

Striking imagery

Any images you choose for your cover need to support your story and be clear, and high quality. Make sure that you are careful when you pick images as they can make all the difference. Don’t go for anything overly detailed or difficult to make out. Your images need to complement the plot of your book and give you reader further clues as to what might be inside.

Simple yet effective

Remember, some of the best book covers are the simplest. Don’t feel as though you have to go overboard – sometimes less is more and by considering what you can subtract, rather than add to the cover could make all the difference. 

Appropriate for the genre

If a reader is looking for a specific kind of book they will look to the cover for a first impression. By thoroughly researching your genre and the bestsellers within it you can not only better understand what is appropriate in terms of color, font, and imagery for your book, but also think about how you can outsmart the competition by adding your own unique creativity without confusing or putting your reader off.

Font choices

You need to make sure that the title of your book is clear and bold. Readers don’t want to have to work for it so make sure that you chose a font that is clear. From your genre research, you will probably find that similar fonts are favored for particular story types. Romance novels tend to have more gentle, sloping fonts than hard-hitting crime fiction. So again use this to guide you in selecting the most appropriate font for your readers.

These simple tips can help you create a book cover that will create an impact and help your reader decide if your book is right for them. Good luck!

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