Merchandising Tips For Kindle Authors

Publishing your book on Amazon Kindle is one thing, getting people to buy it is quite another. 

We have all been bored to death with the stats and facts about how difficult it is to get your book noticed on the amazon marketplace. It is just one of millions that are available to readers and the competition is only going to continue to become fiercer. 

However, one thing that we all know for certain is that if we don’t try, we will almost certainly fail. Publishing your book and then sitting back and waiting for sales to pour in just isn’t an option. 

So what are some things you can do? 

The good news is that Amazon will do some of the hard work for you. So when you publish your novel on KDP, Amazon will begin to merchandise your book for you immediately. There are several areas of the site where your book could potentially show up, such as:

“More Items to Consider”

“Customers with Similar Searches Purchased”

“Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought”

You also have opportunities for your book to appear in readers Shopping Cart Recommendations, “Frequently Bought Together,” and other areas of the Amazon site too.

In short, marketing your book isn’t just about making it available for customers to find if they type in your author name of the book’s title. Smart authors will get to work figuring out how to ensure that their book does appear in the above places so give themselves the maximum number of opportunities to make a sale. 

The more books you sell through Amazon, the better you chances of being organically promoted by it. So you need to work on getting your novel in incredible shape before you publish. To do this you must start with the basics:

-Write an awesome story. Nothing will beat excellent writing – ever.

-Edit and proofread properly – if in doubt get hire a pro

-Create a standout book cover – don’t chose a generic cover, make an effort to get a cover designed that is perfect for the story within

-Introduce yourself – your readers would like to get to know you, so now is not the time to get all shy. Utilise the author profile, add your picture, bio and create a blog full of entertaining and valuable content to communicate with readers directly. 

-Promote your book everywhere. There are so many online opportunities for authors to promote their books without a massive marketing budget. Social networks are ideal for this. Share a link to a free preview of your book with Kindle instant book previews. You should also create a separate website for your book.

-Communicate and network. Build up a fanbase by reaching out to likeminded individuals or readers who could be fans of your work. Take the time to post on message boards, join user communities, and promote your book on various websites all over the internet. 

Create a book trailer – you can also create excitement around your book and give readers a taste of what’s inside by creating a video trailer to advertise online, and via Amazon's Author Pages where you can also feature them.

Authors might also wish to consider joining the Amazon Associates program where they can earn 4% extra with every book sale. This program also has lots of handy features such as creating custom links and professional interactive widgets.

Utilise the Kindle Countdown Deals promotion – a KDP Select benefit for authors so they can run limited-time discount promotions for their eBooks. This is a great way to create urgency around the book – with a countdown timer next to the promo price which will encourage readers to buy now so they don’t miss out. 

These tips can help boost your book sales and widen your reach. So if you want to make the most of publishing your book on Amazon, make sure you take them into account. 

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