KDP Sales Reports – A Helpful Q & A

If you are baffled by your KDP sales reports, this quick Q & A could help you. Your sales reports are useful because they not only tell you how many books you’ve sold and how much money you’ll receive but can also be useful to better understand how you are performing month on month to see where any improvements could be made. 

How do I find out how many books I’ve sold?

To see your book sales stats you need to click n your reports where you’ll be taken to a page with various links as well as a bar graph. The graph has different colored bars that represent different types of sales. Ebook sales are represented by the orange bar, paperback sales by the grey bar. Any paperbacks sold via extended distribution are represented in the rust-colored bar and any ebooks that have been sold as part of a giveaway are shown in blue.  

 Will the graph update with any new sales instantaneously?

You can’t expect to sales appear on the graph right away. The delay time is usually an hour or two for ebook sales. However, it is good to be aware that the month-to-date report and royalties-below-the-graph might take longer than this. If you publish a paperback through KDP-print, sales don’t appear in reports until the book has been printed and shipped out to the customer which could be 1-3 days. 

I know I have had sales, but my graph doesn’t show them

Unfortunately, some authors get disgruntled when friends and family promise to purchase their book, and then the sales don’t show up. It is very rare that there would be a system function at fault. It is best to check with the people who promised they would buy your book if they actually followed through before assuming that the graph is incorrect. It’s also worth remembering that if you gave people gift cards to purchase your book, they won’t count as sales until the person redeems the gift card to purchase the book (if that’s what they decide to buy after all!). If you’ve seen the recipes you might just need to wait for the reports to update on the KDP report. It’s also worth noting that the report only covers sales via the Amazon platform. If people buy your book via a third-party publisher the sales will show up on their reports, not yours. 

Also, check that you have logged in using the correct amount details. If you have more than one Amazon account you won’t see sales as that account isn’t where your published work sits. 

These questions can help authors make sense of KDP reports and make the most of them!

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