Useful Content Marketing Tips

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Once you’ve written a great piece of content, it’s no good letting it sit around. You want to publish it and then market it to ensure that your target audience knows it exists. Strategic content marketing will help ensure that every piece you write reaches the right reader’s eyes. So what are some useful tips to achieve this? Let’s take a look:

Publish your best work only

If you are trying to attract a following, don’t be half-hearted about it. By being selective about what you choose to publish you will know you are always presenting your best work to your readers, and they will thank you for it.

Publish consistently

Consistently is key. If your readers have expectations of when you’ll publish fresh content, you need to meet them. If they know they will get another fresh, new post that’s valuable to them at the same time each day or week, you have a far greater chance of building a following. So set a content schedule and stick to it.

Use data and analytics to understand your success

Data and analytics will help reveal your best-performing content and also ensure you understand why that content is doing so well. You can use this information to always ensure you write content that appeals to your audience and tweak poor-performing content to help it do better.

Repurpose your content for easy wins

Repurposing old content can be an efficient way to keep your blog fresh and up to date without having to start from scratch.

Make a note of your best performing headlines and create PPC ads with them

Whenever a piece of content does particularly well, make a note of the headline you used and then create a Pay per Click advertisement using the same wording.

Tell a story, but only when it’s important to do so

Telling a story with your content can captivate and engage your audience. However, it’s important to understand when not to use storytelling too. Sometimes it’s ok to deliver more straightforward, factual content too.

Don’t be afraid to say something different

If you have an opinion, voice it. If you have an unusual idea, develop it. If you have a unique take on something, share it. Being different will make you stand out.

Write with specific keywords in mind

Keyword research will help you find your target audience and answer specific questions your readers are asking. When you write, always think about your keyword or key phrase and make sure you include them for the greatest effect.

Have a consistent brand voice

All content that you create accrues every platform should be consistent in terms of brand voice. Make sure that you are clear on who you are and what you stand for before you start to write. 

By following the above tips, you can rest assured that your content will be well received, effective and will engage your desired readers and motivate them to act. 

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