Creating A Strong Author Brand

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We all know that the role of the modern author has dramatically changed over the years. Where just writing a good book used to be a writer’s primary concern, now, if you want to sell lots of books, you must be so much more than this.

Creating a strategic marketing plan is essential for any writer who wants to consistently sell books. If you are super famous and well-known it’s a different story, but for the majority of us, it is a combination of consistent plugging of our books, discovering new audiences, and nurturing the old ones that keep those sales coming in.

Creating a strong author brand is one important element of any author’s role. But how do you achieve this? Here are some things to think about.

Who is your reader? 

Identifying your reader will ensure you create the kind of brand that will appeal to them.

What is your voice?

Every author brand needs a consistent and unique tone of voice, what’s yours?

What is unique about you?

All businesses know that creating a USP will make their brand stand out. The same is true of authors, you need to consider what is unique about you that makes you stand out from the crowd.

What are you branding?

Your book isn’t your brand; you are. Every smart author knows that they are just as important as the stories they write. However your brand doesn’t just have to be who you are in real life, you can create any kind of persona you want, but remember that consistency is key. 

What is your look?

Your brand should have a particular look associated with it. So think about your brand colors, your font, your language, and the images you use, and make sure you always select ‘looks’ that go with your brand image.

Once you have figured out the above consistency and being thorough are vital. Apply your brand everywhere and this will help people become familiar with you and immediately be ablate identify your brand when they see any content, advertising, conversation, images, and so on associated with you. 

So there you have it, spending time concentrating on your author brand and developing this over time can help you to gain attention and a following of fans who will go on to promote your work organically and buy your books. 

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