Top Tips To Get More Instagram Followers

Whatever kind of business you run, you know that having a reliable website is crucial. However, beyond that, you need to come up with a solid digital marketing strategy that will help your brand become more recognized and trusted, your products and services more widely used, and your business regarded as a leader within your industry.

Any decent digital marketer knows that a strong social media presence is imperative, and leveraging the power of social media platforms can make an enormous difference to your business.

One of the social giants with over one billion users every month is Instagram. Almost every business can use Instagram to promote what they do and build their reputation. But how do they get followers?

Here are some useful tips:

Use IGTV for video content

IGTV is a video app that’s linked to Instagram. Savvy business owners are using IGTV to create video series and other video content that is proving massively popular to other users. Video content is the most popular and shareable form of content, so if you want to ensure you stay ahead of the competition, posting regular high-quality, interesting videos to Instagram will do just that.

Get Influencers on board

Partnering up with influencers is a great way to boost your products and services and reach new audiences. If you have a big budget, then working with high-profile people such as celebrities and asking them to endorse your products can work wonders and gain you loads more followers in the process. However, there is a big trend towards working with micro-influencers – ones who have less than 30,000 followers who are perfect for smaller businesses with lower budgets and can be an incredibly effective way of becoming more visible on the platform.

Post thoughtful content with smart captions

Make time to post content that’s engaging and relevant to your brand and ensure that you write captions that are thoughtful, smart, and insightful too. Longer captions show your audience that you have considered what you want to say and why you want to say it, and they will appreciate the effort you’ve made and be more likely to engage with you because of it.

Use the related accounts feature

One massively underused feature is Instagram’s related accounts feature, which can help your account show up as a suggestion to followers of other people’s accounts. Instagram will consider what people are following and how they behave on the platform and make suggestions to them accordingly. if you link up and engage with other businesses that are relevant to yours and pay attention to the keywords in your bio, you could show up as an account that they might like, and hey presto! – you’ll get a bunch more followers.

Show your human side

People love connecting with people, not brands. So dedicate some time to showing the people behind your business and pos lots of content with human faces (these are proven to get more likes). The more you can show your company o be real, authentic, and human, the more engagement you’ll get.

By experimenting with the above, you can overcome the enormous challenge that is growing your Instagram account and continue to attract more followers while boosting your brand reputation and beating off the competition at the same time!

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