Follow This Plan Before You Launch Your Book On Kindle

If you are ready to launch your book on Amazon Kindle, it’s best to have a solid plan in place first. A good strategic plan will ensure that you reach as many potential buyers as possible, and those sales come rolling in.

So what do you need to do to ensure your book launch goes successfully? Here are some helpful tips:

Six weeks before…

Create a ‘street team’

Your street team is crucial for any book launch and is a bunch of people who will help write your reviews and promote your book before and during your launch. Your street team can be anyone, but the best way to create one is to reach out to your connections, particularly fellow authors and bloggers, and ask them to review your book and promote it in exchange for a copy. Most authors know how tricky a book launch can be and will hopefully be happy to lend you a hand. 

Make sure that any member of your street team is committed to taking it seriously and what it is you expect them to do. They need to be able to agree to read a copy of your novel before the launch and prepare a review accordingly. They also should be willing to share the book via their social media accounts and recommend it to others (obviously, you can’t force people to do this but asking politely and explaining how grateful you would be usually does the trick)!

To be safe, it’s usually a good idea to ask twice as many people to be on your street team as you need actually to review your book. That way, if people forget or other more pressing commitments get in the way for them, you know you’ll still have enough.

Create teasers and notify your contacts list

You should by now have a decent contacts list that you can promote your book to. Now is the time to send out some teasers to build up buzz and get them excited for your launch day. By letting your subscribers know that your book is coming, they have time to take it in and will soon have your launch date ingrained on their brains.

Create a detailed launch plan and start creating your promo packs

Plan every single step of your launch now, and you are much less likely to run into problems further down the line. The better organized and detail-orientated you can be, the more successful your launch will be. Winging it is simply not an option. Create a schedule, cover all your bases, and then work out what promotional materials you will need to achieve each step. 

Now is the time to:

Prepare your email sequence to send to your subscribers

Create a stock of promotional articles to push on Medium and other channels

Write at least a months worth of social media posts 

Create incentives, deals, and competitions to entice readers to buy.

By creating a solid plan well before your launch date, you can feel confident you have done everything in your power to make it a success. So follow these tips, leave yourself plenty of time, and good luck!

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