The Best Places To Publish Your Ebook

If you have written a book and are keen to get it up on the web for people to see, you should research the best places to publish it. The below platforms are all excellent places where you can remote your book and hopefully make a lot of money from your book sales too.

Amazon Kindle

If you are looking to grow your audience and connect with a considerable number of people, then publishing your book on Amazon’s KDP platform is a no-brainer. The Amazon store is where around 80% of all ebook sales across English language speaking countries take place. That’s huge. So if you don’t post your book here, you are really missing out.

The great news about publishing on the KDP platform is that it is incredibly easy and intuitive. The process is relatively straightforward, and your book can be up and available in no time. The royalties process is also fair and works in the author’s favor. You keep 70% of all royalties earned from your book. There are also lots of great features on the KDP platform, such as its 90-day exclusive digital distribution deal — which allows you to put your book in the Kindle Lending Library, where Amazon Prime members can “check out” their books for free. You can also look at the Kindle Countdown Deals or even organize a free book promotion in the hope of starting a ‘snowball effect.’

The majority of authors use Amazon to create their books, and doing so gives you access to a global audience, and can sell your books worldwide.

So what other platforms are available?

Apple’s iBooks Author

Apple is gaining progressively more of the market share. They offer the same rate as Amazon, a flat rate of 70% royalties regardless of book price or territory. However, publishing on this platform will only work if you are a Mac user as you need the iTunes Producer program, so you might have to borrow a Mac to publish or engage the services of a third-party publisher like Draft2Digital or Smashwords.

Kobo Writing Life

Kobo has around a 2% hold of the ebook market share, which may seem small, but it’s still worth using them if you are hoping to do well overseas.

If you use this platform, your book will available in 190 countries, and their Royalty rates are at the same 70%, providing the sale price for your book is between 1.99–7.99 (GBP) or 1.99–12.99 (USD). If it is outside this range, that drops down to 45%. If you feel your book would appeal to countries in Asia and the Americas, this could be a great option for you!


Smash words are an aggregator site first established in 2008 and allow authors to distribute their work to the smaller ebook retailers such as B&N, Baker and Taylor, and various library networks. Authors are charged 15% of the sales received. If you are interested in this kind of sales platform, you could also check out their main competitor, Draft2Digital.

Unbound (UK) or Inkshares (US)

If you are already reasonably well established, you could start a crowdfunding campaign to create a budget for your next book. Unbound and its US equivalent Inkshares are just like traditional publishers but won’t take on a book that hasn’t already generated proven interest and demand. Not only do you have to raise money for your book to begin with during this option but also settle for 35% royalties (Inshare) or 50% (Unbound) too.

Publishing your ebook is an exciting time, but before you do, it is always good to think about which is the best platform for you – we hope the details above can help.

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