Improve your BSR On Amazon

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Your Amazon bestseller ranking can help you understand where your book sits in terms of sales and popularity when compared to other books that sell through the site. Improving your best seller rank is something that all authors should aim for. A low figure means you are doing well. So if you aim to rank between 1-1,000 for your book, you can rest assured that you’ll be selling enough copies each month to make a decent amount of money.  Climbing up the best seller ranking on Amazon also means that you can strive to achieve bestseller status which you can then use as an additional marketing tool to promote your work.

So how do you go about improving your BSR of Amazon? Here are some useful tips:

Optimise your product title

Your title must contain keywords that are relevant to your intended customers. The more thoroughly and smartly you research the best keywords for you, the easier it will be for readers to discover your book.

Research the perfect price point

Your book needs to be priced competitively in order to sell well. However, while listing your book for a very low price or for free can be a good way to gain interest initially, you also need to create a sense of quality around your work and also to make some money!

Create a thoughtful description

Your book description is an important chance to really sell potential readers on why they should choose your book over the millions of others available. So make sure you make every word count and include your keywords in there too. 

Make your book cover stand out

If you want readers to notice your book, make sure your cover design is eye-catching, appropriate, professional, and informative. 

Make the most of Amazon FBA and Prime

Amazon looks favorably upon sellers who use their fulfillment service, and customers like to receive things quickly, so it’s a win-win.

Final Thoughts

Your Amazon best sellers rank can seem a little complicated, however, it is worth paying attention to. Making a sustained effort to improve your ranking can have multiple benefits, so take the time to follow the above and see your best seller ranking rise!

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