How To Market An Author Blog

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Authors have been told time and time again that they need to not only be good writers, but also good marketers too.

One of the ways you can promote yourself and your work and start to gain attention is by writing an informative, entertaining author blog.

Your author blog is a great addition to your website. If can attract new fans, it will showcase your writing, it will allow readers to gain insight into the ‘person behind the book,’ and it can help boost your SEO, meaning that your website becomes more visible in search results, depending on what people are searching for of course!

Now keeping an author blog full of fresh, valuable content is fantastic, but if you are going to put time and effort into doing so, it would also help to know that people were actually reading it.

As with anything, getting people to read something you’ve written is often the hardest part. You have to take the time to push and promote your author blog in order to attract readers to it. So how do you do that?

Use keywords to create a content strategy

Keyword research will help you to create an effective content plan. Think about themes for your blog, consider what kind of readers you are hoping to attract and what kinds of interests and problems they have. Do some keyword research around these topics and then create content around your keywords. The more valuable and better optimized your content, the higher it will appear in search results when readers type your keywords into the search bar.

Promote it on your social media channels

Use your social platforms to shout about your blog. Whenever you publish a new post make sure that you put a link across all your social sites so all your followers are aware of it.

Link it to your Amazon and Goodreads accounts

You can also link your author blog to your author page on Amazon as well as on your Goodreads page, so make sure you have done to maximize visibility. 

Try paid advertising

If you have the budget, you can also try setting up paid advertising campaigns to help your content reach a bigger audience.

Write regularly and brilliantly

Google favors valuable, well-written content. So make sure you take time over your author blog and consider how to make it unique, interesting, helpful, and engaging. 

Remember to ask for signups and include your blogs in your newsletter

Whenever you post a blog, try to capture reader's data with a newsletter signup box. Doing so will mean you can promote your next blog through your newsletter, and that you’ll have their details when you want to promote your next book too!

With these tips, you can push your blog and help to ensure that it finds its way to interested readers. Good luck!

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