How To Create A Great PPC Advert

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Understanding what makes a great PPC advert is important for any business or individual who wants to market their offering online. 

PPC stands for Pay Per Click and is a type of advertising that means the person only has to pay for the advert if the viewer clicks on the link on the advert to find out more.

This is a popular way for businesses of all sizes to try and get what they are selling in front of the right audiences and can be very effective, even if you don’t have a lot to spend.

However, if you are going to create a PPC advert, you need to consider how to set it up and what to include within it to ensure you make the most of it and that it finds its way to the right audiences, and those audiences are interested enough to click on your ad when they see it, and then convert into customers when they are directed to your product or service.

So what are some elements that every great PPC advert should include? Let’s take a look at some of them:

Numbers or statistics within the headline

People like facts and figures, so, where possible, include some hard-hitting, exciting, or jaw-dropping facts and figures in your headline to make sure that you capture your audience’s attention immediately. 

A clear solution to a particular problem

People don’t click on ads just because they enjoyed them or think they look fun. They need to be inspired to do so because they think they will benefit from it. So it’s important to make your advert pose a problem, a problem that your intended audience has, and then present an obvious solution to that problem (i.e. your product), that inspires the viewer to want to find out more. 

Emotional triggers

People are more likely to reposed if they have been moved in some way, so try to include some emotional triggers in your ad to get the very best response. 

Unique, Keyword-Rich Display URLs

Your display URL is another opportunity for you to present something interesting and relevant to the copy of your ads, as well as your target keywords. Whether or not your destination URL  contains the keywords you’re bidding on, you can still get the ad to appear in search results if you make a point of including the keywords in your display URL

Your best copy at the beginning

Frontload the best copy at the start of your ad to make sure this is the first thing that your viewers see, and that even if the copy is cut off, they’ve read the most captivating part and can’t help but click on your ad to discover more.

Benefit focused

Keep the content of your ads tightly focused on the many benefits of your products and services. This will ensure that viewers can clearly understand why it could be of use to them and why they need them and why they should part with their hard-earned cash to have them. 

As you can see, if you follow the above structure you should be able to consistently create effective PPC adverts that really boost your business. So if you are looking to advertise your product or service and make sure it gets noticed by all the right people, use these elements to help create your ads and you should see a real boost in your website traffic and sales!

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