Amazon Kindle FAQs On Book Pricing

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Pricing your book can be a really tough call. You don’t want to offer your book too low, but you also don’t want to price it so high that no one can afford it. Once you’ve set your price, however, you might want to change it in the future, and that is something you need to learn how to do so it’s a hassle-free process when the time comes.

Learning about Amazon’s book pricing process will ensure that you are always in line with their policies and are ablate stay in control of how much your book sells for. So what are some of the important FAQs that you need to know regarding Amazon pricing? Here we list the most important ones?

Can Amazon reduce my book price without my permission?

If you are a self-published author using Amazon KDP, you aren’t able to stop Amazon from charging less than the retail price. However, if Amazon chooses to do so, you’ll still get your correct royalty so you’ll earn the same for every book sold. 

Can i frequently change the price my book is selling for

In most cases, whenever you decide to change the price of your book you can do so, and you can do so as frequently as you like. However, there are some consequences for doing so. If your book is enrolled in pre-order or KDP Select for example and you decide to drop the price during the pre-order period, all the existing pre-orders will also drop to the new lower price. 

You also can’t change the price 30 days prior to your Kindle Countdown Deal and for 14 days after it finishes. Also, if you decide to change the price of your book by over 40% Amazon has to manually review this before they consent to the change so this won’t be instantaneous.

What is price matching?

If your book is selling elsewhere for a lower figure, Amazon has a right to match this price. If this occurs you will receive your royalty based on this lower price. 

Can I list my book for free?

The lowest price you can input for your eBook is $0.99. However, it is possible to make your book free of charge if you Enroll in KDP Select. You can also price your book as free in other stores such as Apple and Smashwords. If you do this, Amazon may choose to price match and could sell your book for free too – however, they don’t have to do this. 

Can I set any price, or are there limits?

The minimum and maximum prices depend on the file size and royalty that you opt for. Amazon’s pricing page has all the current details. 

Is it possible to list the price on the barcode for printed books?

You can do this if you buy a barcode with the price encoded on it. You can upload this to your cover via Amazon and this will then be printed when a customer buys a paperback version of your book. 

Should I used the KDP Pricing Support (Beta) calculator?

The calculator helps authors determine the best price for their Kindle books. This is based on author earnings for books that are similar to yours. It evaluates the length and content and will help you find the best price at which to price your book.

These questions and answers should help you understand more about Amazon’s pricing system and determine the optimum price point for your book. Good luck!

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