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When it comes to selling your product and promoting your services, excellent website copy is vital. Web copy isn’t just the information that you’ll put on your website pages but includes anything that you put out there on the web.

Web copy should be well researched, well-thought-out, and have a purpose. Each piece of web copy that you write should have an intended audience, a goal, and be engaging and enjoyable to read. At the end of the day, you are trying to make your audience interested in your business and what it is that you have to offer them.

So how do you write engaging web copy that does that?

Discover your target audience

If you write with a particular audience in mind, this will keep your copy tight and focused. So when you are crafting and pulling together information for your piece, ask yourself:

What makes me inspired to buy particular products? Is it necessary? Is it a whim? Is it loyalty to a particular brand or product? What motivated me to buy? When in the past have I switched brands because I’ve been persuaded to do so?

Once you’ve answered the above you should have a better idea of who your customer is and how you can communicate with them. Think about what it is they want to learn and how they like that information to be delivered to them. Are they more information-based readers or do they like flourish and creativity? Do they like big bold statements and claims, or subtle persuasion? 

Know how to promote your company, and how to showcase your offering

Create an extensive, exhaustive list of all the products and services your business offers to its customers. Once you have done this you can then note down every individual benefit and advantage and USP that will be of value to people. 

If you can’t talk passionately and excitedly about your products and services, it is going to be tough to try and get your customers feeling excited about them either. 

Make an offer they can’t refuse

Your web copy needs to inspire action. If your reader skims through your copy and doesn’t do the thing you want them to do afterward, it simply isn’t good enough and you need to go back to the drawing board. Your copy should read like an onion that’s slowly revealing its layers, drawing them further and further into the center. be genuine and authentic, be smart and funny, don’t play games.

Edit, optimize, perfect

Make sure all of your copy is triple-checked for spelling and grammar, for SEO, for flow, and ensure that it is sense checked too! Sending out copy that’s full of errors will send a message that you don’t care about your customers. So make sure the editing process has several stages before you publish.

Writing attractive web copy doesn’t have to difficult. With a little time and care and a genuine belief in your brand and product, you can create persuasive copy that will motivate your readers to act. 

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