What Information Should You Have On Your Kindle Author Page?

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Managing your author page in Amazon Author Central doesn’t have to be complicated, but it is something that every author should pay attention to. An effective author page can help generate sales and by taking and monitoring your page you can help to get the best results.

What’s the point of an author page?

An author page can help to build credibility with your readers. It gives them insight into who you are and why you can be trusted. It is a chance to show your credentials, engage your customers, and persuade them to buy. Your author page should build trust and show that you are ‘legit.’ It can help to drive sales of other books you have written and can also persuade readers to follow you not only on Amazon but on other platforms too. If a reader likes what they discover about you they can sign up to your mailing list or blog – basically here is a chance to turn a potential reader into a massive fan. 

What sections are on your Amazon author page?

Your bio

Here you can input all the information about yourself, your qualifications, your inspiration for writing. Add links to your personal site here as well as any teasers for upcoming work. 

Your photos

Another really important part of your page is your photo. Take a professional photo where you look warm and inviting. You can add up to 8 images but you don’t need to. One professional headshot is often enough. You should think about the kinds of things that could help build a connection and reveal a bit more about your personality.


You also have the opportunity to add videos to your author page to build more of a connection with readers. You could add a video link to a book trailer or a reading of one of the chapters of your book. Videos will appear in the author updates section of your author page. Just remember they can’t be longer than 10 minutes.

Your Blog (RSS) Feeds

Linking to your author blog is another great way to keep your readers interested and help them form a deeper connection with you. Previews of your blog will automatically show up in the Author Updates section and by linking your blog, you should see traffic to your site get a nice boost. 

Your  Books

Make sure that all your books are listed on your author page. If a reader has enjoyed your book they might well want to read another. So don’t miss an opportunity for further sales!


You can also list any relevant events on your author page. So if you are planning a book tour or this is a great place to advertise this and generate interest. 

By keeping your author page up to date you are helping to form connections with readers and promote your work – so it’s a no-brainer really!

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