The Power Of Emotional Triggers

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If you want to enhance your marketing efforts, you need to ensure that your customers engage with you on an emotional level. 

Each choice your customer makes is made up of both conscious and subconscious emotions. To be successful in the art of persuasion therefore, you must have a good understanding of psychology and human behaviour.

Different triggers will catalyse drive action in different people. However some of the basic drivers are fairly universal. If we seek to understand these different psychological triggers, we can utilise them in our marketing messages and become more effective salespeople because of it.

So what are some of the emotional triggers that motivate people to act. Let’s explore some of them:

A sense of belonging

It is human nature to want to belong. We are pack animals at heart and a sense of belonging brings with it a sense of security and trust and safety and fun. 

Being accepted and finding likened people is something that everyone craves, and so crafting a marketing message that invites people in, that creates a sense of shared emotion, of unity and connection, is likely to be a very powerful one. 

Evoking fear

Fear is an incredibly powerful emotion and a huge driver in what will get us to act. We respond to fear in different ways but there are many ways marketers can use fear to make their products more appealing. Fear of missing out can push someone to buy, so creating campaigns around pricing and scarcity of your products and using countdowns can be a way to motivate your customers to take action. 

Guilt tripping

Whether it,s buying organic, going vegan, reducing screen time, spending too much money – guilt is an emotion we can all identify with. If you are able to develop marketing messages that make consumers feel guilty you may persuade them to buy your product – if your product promises to alleviate that guilt. 


Trust is important for businesses who want to turn one time customers into loyal, repeat buyers.

Once customers truly trust you, and believe in your brand and products, they will return to buy form you time and time again without much persuasion.

Similar values

If a business shares our values we feel more connected to them. Values can often drive us to act in one way or another, make judgements and important decisions. If a person has a particular set of values and these values are echoed in marketing messages this can be a powerful way to get them ‘on side.’

Emotional triggers should be considered in every aspect of your brand; from your social presence to your email,  ad copy, and website.

Make sure you include an emotional trigger at each step in the customer journey and in all your marketing efforts and you should see your results soar. 

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