Using Psychology To Make PPC Ads Effective

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Understanding different psychological elements that you can input into your ad copy to make it more enticing to your target audience could mean the difference between a highly successful ad, and one that flops. 

Psychology examines human behavior and why we think act and speak the way we do. Advertising ultimately hopes to influence people to act in a particular way, so using psychology can be a great way to gain a competitive advantage. 

So what are some good psychological advertising tips that will get you results?


People love a good bargain, don’t they?! If you can convince your audiences that you are selling something at a price lower than it’s worth, they are more likely to purchase it. Incorporating figures into your ad copy can be very effective and adding reasons as to why a person should purchase will also work to persuade them. 


Additional, unexpected perks can be another great way to motivate customers to buy your product. If people are surprised by the information revealed in your ad, this could help them make the decision to buy what you are offering more easily.

Thank you’s

Thanking customers is also another fantastic way to evoke feelings of positivity and brand loyalty. So if you are hoping for repeat customers, make them feel appreciated and acknowledged, and remember to say thank you in your ads too.


People don’t want to buy from a business they can’t relate to. If you can inject some personality into your ads you can create a connection and that will help to build likability and brand awareness too. People are usually motivated to buy because they have an emotional reaction to something, so by crafting copy that sparks emotion, you are more likely to see those sales figures soar!


If you are able to demonstrate diversity and inclusivity in your ad copy, you will gain the attention of the masses. Inclusive is all about acceptance, friendliness, acknowledgment, and a sense of family and loyalty and respect. People desire this and if you are able to show how inclusive your business is you’ll generate brand loyalty, authenticity, and secure your future revenue growth. 


Humour incredibly effective when it comes to attracting positive attention. If you can make smart, witty, relevant jokes in your ads, or use a clever play on words – do it. Remember to ensure that what you’ve created really is funny though, not everyone has the same sense of humor, so it’s good to test this out and sense check before you publish. 


People hate to miss out and so if you create a sense of urgency by using phrases such as ‘last chance’ or ‘don’t miss out,’ or ‘before it’s too late,’ you will encourage people not to think or deliberate too much over their purchase, but to get their hands on the item while they still can – resulting in many more conversions for you.

These are just some of the psychological techniques used to generate enticing and effective ad copy. So next time you create a PPC ad, try to think about how you could use them to make your ads as effective as possible. 

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