Useful Tips For KDP Authors

Publishing on KDP can be the beginning of a hugely exciting journey for many writers. However, since you’ve put all that hard work into perfecting your book for publication, it’s well worth making sure you know all the tips and tricks to make the most of the platform before you publish.

So before you publish your book on Amazon’s KDP, take a look at the below to ensure you are getting the best from it. 

Place multiple phrases in keyword fields

Amazon’s keyword selection process has changed as the platform has developed. There are seven slots for authors to enter keywords, and most authors simply add one keyword or phrase in each. However’ now Amazon has changed their algorithm so that it will match any of the words you enter, regardless of the order that you enter them in. This means that you should fill up those slots with as many keywords and phrases as you can fit into 50 characters to maximize the opportunity. So if any of your keywords (regardless of the order you entered them, and even across the seven slots) match a search, this could pull up your book as a result. 

Use particular keywords to access additional categories

When publishing your book, you get to categorize it by selecting from the Amazon categories available. However, some of these can’t be selected from the KDP dashboard. However, if relevant, you can add particular phrases in your keywords, which will result in your novel being included in those categories automatically. Check out KDP’s help pages to find out more. 

Include your book in extra categories by contacting KDP support. If you contact KDP support directly, you can ask them to include your book in an additional eight categories, making it even more visible to potential buyers. Providing the request is reasonable, and the categories relevant, it is usual that you will get a positive response. 

Try KDP pricing support

The pricing suggestions from Amazon are well worth taking into consideration when deciding how much to sell your book for. By checking it out, you can get a better idea of what your competitors are charging and can be a helpful base point from which to set your price. 

Create a stand out book description using HTML

If you want your book to look professional and stand out, make sure you make use of different font types and styles available by utilizing HTML. Boldface, italics, and larger fonts can all create eye-catching descriptions that will engage your reader and make them curious to know more. 

These useful tips are well worth implementing as you publish your novel via KDP. Make sure you’ve got them to hand and check them all off to give your book the best chance of success. 

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