Top Tips To Succeed At Self-Publishing

If you want to give your self-published book the best chance of success, take a look at the following tips to help you.

Write a series

Books that are part of a series tend to enjoy more meaningful success. This is because readers will return for more if they love the characters and want to know what happens next in their lives. Your story doesn’t have to follow on in each book but can be the next chapter in the character’s journey. A series can build traction, and you know each time you release a new book, you’ll already have a cohort of readers who will buy it.

Keep a mailing list

Your mailing list is something that you should work hard to grow. A good mailing list of interested, engaged recipients could be vital to ensuring that when you release your novel, you have readers willing to pre-order, write reviews, and generally be your cheerleaders throughout the process.

Offer value and keep in touch

If you want people to join your mailing list and engage with you as a writer, you need to offer them something in return. One of the best ways to get people to join your list is to give them a free copy of your work or a resource that will get them hooked. Once they are signed up and engaged, it will be easier to offer them something that they’ll willingly buy because they are already hooked on your writing. Also, make sure that whenever a fan reaches out to you, respond to them. It’s good manners after all, but the more positive interactions you can have, the more likely you’ll turn those eager fans into loyal customers for life.

Remember, quality is everything

If you want to become a successful self-published author, you need to accept the fact that your writing needs to be good. You’ll be competing against traditionally published books as well as the thousands of other authors trying to get a slice of the pie, so your book needs to be well-written and well-edited if you expect readers to be interested.

Don’t try to proofread your own work

It doesn’t matter whether you are a grammar whizz or pride yourself on your accuracy; the fact of the matter is that you have read your own work too many times, and you won’t be able to see all the mistakes in your manuscript. Hire a professional editor who has never seen your book before – a fresh pair of eyes can work wonders.

A successful book equals your passion plus their desire

It would help if you were passionate about what you write about; otherwise, your book will flop. However, it would help if you also considered what the market is clamoring for. Try to work out how you can combine the two to find that sweet spot where you don’t have to compromise what you want to write about yet still produce something that your readers are excited to get stuck into.

Be prepared to take advice and keep on writing

There are many great lessons to learn from experienced and seasoned authors, so read about them and absorb them. Make sure that you learn as much as you can, read lots of advice, and use what is useful to you. And whatever you do – don’t stop writing!

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