How To Build Creative Facebook Advertising Campaigns

If you want to reach new audiences and create an impact, boost your brand, and get more customers to visit your website, a Facebook advertising campaign can be just the thing, but how do you create one?

When you decide how to set up a campaign, you need to choose between different ad creatives, and your decision will be based upon what you hope to achieve from your campaign.

During the setup process, you can create and test six image advertisements and, from here, choose the best-performing one. Experimenting with different ad elements and tinkering with your design is advisable as then you can ensure that you create an effective campaign that is more likely to achieve your objectives. 

When choosing images, you can select to upload from your device or browse a library of previously uploaded images. Alternatively, you can search through Shutterstock, an online image library with which Facebook is affiliated. Making sure you refresh your image ads from time to time will ensure they stay relevant and working for you, and browsing Shutterstock, which gives you access to millions of images for free, is the ideal way to do this if you are on a tight budget. 

It is worth noting that if you choose a free image, you could well find that another business has selected the same image as you, which could lead to reduced memorability and effectiveness of your campaign. Of course, it is always the ideal option to choose a unique picture you have created yourself, but when time and budget do not permit a stock image can be used instead.

What are the best practices and tips for effective Facebook campaign design?

Use color effectively. If you want your Facebook ads to be eye-catching, you need to think about how to use color to create striking effects that will demand attention. 

Make your main value proposition visible. Whatever you are advertising, you need to put that in the image so viewers can see what you are offering or what you want them to do.

Create ads that contrast with the newsfeed will further promote their visibility

Select the correct image size. If you want to ensure your ads look good no matter what device they are viewed from, you need to ensure you use the right image size. 

Creating excellent Ad Copy

Your ad copy is a crucial part of any creative Facebook advertising campaign. You need to craft this carefully to ensure that your ad is as effective as possible and persuade the viewer to take action. 

There are several different fields within the ad where you have an opportunity to write captivating copy, though each is limited to a certain number of characters:

Main ad text – 90 characters max ( though this increases to 500 for News Feed Ads with AdEspresso)

Headline – 25 characters max

Link description – 90 characters max

This doesn’t leave you a lot of room, so you need to ensure that every word counts. Create several different headlines and description combinations, and you can mix and match and test them out until you find what’s delivering the most significant ROI. 

There are several options available when working with News Feed and Mobile Ads, as opposed to the typical Right Column Ads. Adding a “Call to Action” button can help encourage readers to take action immediately and makes it incredibly easy and obvious for them to do so and should have a positive impact on your click-through rate. 

Ad copy that is short, clear and impactful trumps clever copy, humourous copy or text that plays on words. If you can combine the two – that’s great. Still, with the character limitations, it’s important to remember your main aim is to get your message across in an engaging way. Make it clear what you are offering and easy for viewers who have taken in interest to know what to do next. Your goal is to get viewers to click on the ad to find out more while also no using clickbait, which could damage your brand and reputation. 

Once you have previewed your ad, you need to decide whether it will feature in the News Feed, Mobile, or right column.

It’s worth testing all of these to see where you have the most success. 

By following the above, you can create engaging Facebook ads that get results – good luck!

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