Timing Your Book Release On Amazon – Things To Consider

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When it comes to releasing your book on Amazon, timing is everything. Even though it can be tempting to release your book as soon as it is ready, this is not always the optimum course of action. 

Lots of authors think that the holiday season might be a good time to publish – a book is always a great first after all. However, if you are an unknown author you aren’t likely to make as many sales as you might think. People want safe choices from well-known authors, and the busy Christmas period means that people are less likely to have the time to browse and peruse at their leisure.

So, if not the holiday season, when is the best time for new authors to release their books? This all depends on the kind of book you have written and who your readership is. The summer season is the time that most books sell – usually because people go on holiday at this time of year and have more time to relax and read. 

According to industry sources, more than $3.4 billion in sales take place over the summer, and around $2.9 billion spent on holiday gift-giving.

Traditional publishing houses tend to release their books according to the genre, and understanding when they release what might give you some inspiration of when the best time to release your book is. 

January, February, March, April

The beginning of the year through to spring usually sees a rise in the following genres being published:






May, June, July, August

The beginning of the warmer months and summer season sees more of these kinds of books in bookstores:




September, October, November

As the season’s change and the weather turns colder, we see more publishing houses releasing the following types of books:




December through to January

At the close of the year, a rise in these genre types is more typical.

Quiz and Novelty books 




While overthinking your release date could lead to you delaying is unnecessary. It’s certainly important and helpful to think about when and why you should release your book when you do. Of course, making sure your book is in theist possible shape and having a robust launch and marketing strategy is the most important thing, but getting the timing right could help your book sales get off to a flying start!

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