Thinking Of Redesigning Your Logo? Read This First!

Redesigning your business logo can be a great way to revamp your branding, attract new customers, and give your company a new identity. However, many businesses don’t realize how impactful this small visual component can be. Your logo becomes your virtual brand ambassador; it’s what makes people instantly recognize you and can help build awareness of your business and create a connection with customers.

Your logo is something that will appear time and time again and is linked to almost everything you put out there: your website, your newsletter, your email marketing, and your packaging. Every time a customer or potential customer comes into contact with your company, your logo can be a way to reinforce your brand, so it’s pretty important you make it as good as it possibly can be.

Designing a great logo should be one that works for your business now, but also as you hope it will be in the future. Creating a logo that’s timeless and truly representative of what you stand for can ensure it doesn’t become outdated, stale or just doesn’t link to what your business is about.

So how can you ensure you redesign your logo well?

Make sure you have clear goals in mind

Before you even start the redesign process, it is important that you, and any other teams involved, understand why it is you are redesigning your logo in the first place. Establishing clear goals will help you focus, and you can refer back to these throughout the process to ensure that you are meeting them. Asking key questions can help ensure that your redesign remains on the right track:

Why has the need for a logo redesign arisen? Is it dated? Is it too complicated? Is the company changing its focus and the old logo is no longer relevant?
What should your logo say about your business? Going into detail about the story behind your brand, and what you want people to think about when they see your logo, what emotions it will conjure, can help ensure that the finished product is as effective as possible. Creating a clear, compelling concept that everyone is on board with will support the design phase, and help it go more smoothly.

Make sure your logo works on all mediums

It’s essential to think about all the different platforms your logo needs to work from. Times have changed, and where a logo a few decades ago only needed to work well in a limited number of contexts, in the digital age it’s important that your logo can be scaled down to the very smallest sizes as well as blown up to huge proportions and still look great.

Work out your budget

The cost of redesigning your business logo also needs to be taken into account. While redesigning your logo for your website and other digital formats may be inexpensive and could possibly be done in house, making sure that your new visual identity is rolled out to packaging on products in stores, for example, could be more costly. However, to create no confusion and carry the most impact, you need to be able to cover this expense to make the most of launching the new logo.

Decide whether it’s a total or partial redesign

One of the other important aspects to consider is whether you want to go for a completely new look, or keep certain elements of your logo which will help people easily recognize the new one, and help ease the transition. It’s all about considering how bold you can afford to be. If your company is heading in a totally fresh direction and you are hoping to reach an entirely new customer base, you can take more risks. If you want to just refresh your new logo without losing all the old elements, particularly if your branding has stayed the same for years, you might want to keep key shapes, colors, and graphics, while still giving it a fresh new look.

Remember, your customer’s ability to recognize your brand and to ensure it stands out amongst your competitors could make all the difference when it comes to the success of your business. It’s always important to keep the consumer in mind and make a careful, considered assessment of what it will mean for them before you start making significant alterations.

Redesigning your logo is an exciting time for any business and an excellent opportunity to market your brand to new audiences. However, the process can be tricky, and there are many decisions to make along the way. By using the above to guide you, you can ensure that your redesign project runs as smoothly as possible and the end result will be one that both you and your customers love.

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