How To Repurpose Your Content

Being an effective content writer is not just about coming up with exciting, relevant new ideas, and being able to translate those ideas, so they capture the intended audiences attention and make them act in the way you want them to act. It’s also about making sure that your existing content is working as hard as possible for you. That includes repurposing old content to get as much mileage out of it as you possibly can.

The creation of exciting, valuable content that engages your target audience is a hugely important part of any businesses marketing strategy. While it is important to put fresh, new content out there regularly, it’s also just as vital to keep abreast of the content that you’ve already got. Make sure you have tools in place to capture content that is doing particularly well and understand how to repurpose it. This will not only save you time and effort but will also make a big difference to customer engagement too. If something has worked well for your company before, it’s important to recognize that and capitalize on its success.

So how do you do it?

Add new value to existing content

Just reposting the same content on your site and other platforms isn’t going to cut it. You need to come up with ways to effectively rewrite your content and add new value to it. This will make it equally helpful to new customers who happen upon it as it is to those who already read the piece the first time around. By re-reading your old content, you can ascertain which sections are still relevant. Use these pieces as a basis to repurpose content, adding in new, relevant keywords and modernizing the text, so it is still current and relevant. By adding a few hundred words to your existing piece, Google will accept it as ‘new, and this will help to boost your SEO, as well as bring in new traffic to your website.

Check links are working and relevant

Make sure that all your links are still working, and continue to make sense for the newly written piece. You might have links to old website pages or articles which now no longer exist or are outdated, so make sure that you take the time to change these out, and provide readers with the information they are looking for. Remember, Google considers content that is up to date more helpful and will reward you accordingly.

Revisit content calendars

Content calendars are a useful way of scheduling content to ensure it is consistent, and to discover what is taking place throughout the year that you could use to link back to your business. Revisiting your old content calendars can be a quick and easy way to ascertain what kinds of content you put out and when, and capture those pieces which would still be relevant for events that take place annually. Creating regular content that visitors can anticipate in this way helps build strong relationships and becomes something they can look forward to.

Keep abreast of trends

By making sure that you keep abreast of trends taking place in your industry as well as what people are talking about on social media platforms that you could link into, you can search your old content for pieces that might work for topical and current events and join in the conversation. Doing so makes your brand seem relevant and engaged, and your audience will sit up and take notice.

Use analytics to determine which content to use again

Remember Google analytics, as well as the analytical tools available on social media platforms, can help you understand which pieces of your old content performed best, helped to boost your branding or sales, and strengthened customer engagement. By prioritizing your most successful pieces of content for repurposing you are likely to gain a similar reaction and can make sure you are putting forward your very best work.

Content repurposing can create a significant impact on traffic on your site and engagement with your business. Making little changes takes minimal effort, but the payoff can be huge, so if you have old content that has made an impact in the past, keep using it!

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