Why Video Content Is So Important

In the digital age, most businesses understand that creation of many different pieces of content in many different formats can be a successful marketing strategy. Doing so enables them to reach the broadest possible audience and appeal to customers who like to receive information in particular ways.

In the past decade, one of the most popular of those formats is video. In fact, there has been a tremendous surge in the popularity of video content which has taken it from being something that might be a ‘nice addition’ to businesses websites and social media platforms, to something that is much more pressing and imperative if they want to ensure they stay relevant.

Implemented well, and video content can drive traffic to your website, can increase brand awareness, boost customer engagement, and have a significant impact on your sales and revenue too.

Conversions and sales

It has been found that video content is the most effective format for businesses to boost their sales figures. Its impressive impact on conversions shows that people are much more likely to purchase a product after watching a video. Therefore creating videos to showcase your products is imperative.

Boosting SEO

Slick, smart, visually impressive videos can have a powerfully positive impact on a businesses SEO. YouTube is only behind Google in its popularity as a search engine, and Google itself has a ‘video’ option when displaying results. Creating videos for your business can, therefore, help your organic SEO results in a serious way. So producing shareable, well-made videos specifically for your target audience will increase backlinks and mentions all of which help boost your rankings too.

Creating a better customer experience

Videos can be informative, valuable, and entertaining; they allow customers to learn new things, and find the information they crave without having to read through lots of text. People are time-poor and want answers to their questions as quickly as possible, and videos are the best way of delivering this.

So how do you create videos that your customers will want to see?

Tell a story, make them high quality, ensure they are relatable, and keep them short but sweet. Even if you are handling the driest material, it’s worth thinking about how to entertain your audience. At the same time, invest in quality and don’t let your videos drag out. Get to the point quickly and label them clearly so your audience understands what they are getting before they decide to watch.

Businesses these days can’t argue that the creation of video content is an essential component of delivering a smart marketing strategy. Digital audiences are demanding video content more fervently, and the sooner businesses take notice of this, the more impact they can hope to achieve.

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