The Importance Of Good Keyword Research

When it comes to effective digital marketing, the basics are the most important things to get right. No matter how creative and ingenious and on-trend your marketing efforts are, without first looking at the most fundamental efforts of good SEO, you won’t get very far at all.

Keyword research is fundamental to SEO and one of the most important and crucial steps a business can implement if they hope to stay ahead of the competition. 

What exactly is keyword research?

Keyword research is the practice of identifying widely used search words and phrases that people use when looking for things in search engines. By understanding the most popular search terms that your audience uses when trying to find products and services like yours, you gain valuable insight into how to shape every piece of content you share to ensure it contains those words and therefore ranks higher on search engine results pages. 

Happily, there are plenty of great SEO tools that can help with keyword research, such as SEMrush and Google AdWords Keyword Planner, which can help businesses ascertain which keywords are not only the most popular but also most competitive. Being able to see how difficult it would be to rank for specific keywords helps marketers understand whether it’s worth trying or to instead focus their efforts on less popular terms and phrases that are less fought over and, therefore, easier to rank for. 

So how can you ensure that you practice useful keyword research? Here are some helpful tips:

Know your audience

Doing customer research goes hand in hand with keyword research. The more familiar you are with your target audience, the easier it will be to understand what kinds of things they are searching for when trying to find your products and services. Google Analytics can reveal who visits your website, how they arrived there, and which pages on your site are more frequently visited.

Find out which keywords you currently rank for

Knowing what keywords you currently rank for will help you better understand if your current content and marketing efforts are in line with what your customers are searching for. It will help you see where you are performing well and also where you need to do more work. Track multiple keywords that are relevant for your business to ensure that their performance is continually analyzed and taken into consideration when creating your content and marketing strategy. 

Choose both short-tail and long-tail keywords

Short tail keywords are important because they will drive large cohorts of customers to your account. However, they are more generic. For example, if you sell shoes, a short-tail keyword might be “shoe.” However, ranking for that word will be challenging. Long-tail keywords are much more specific. For example, if you specialize in brown leather ankle boots, you might wish to make one of your long-tail keywords “brown leather ankle boots.” This is a more specific phrase that will have a lower search volume than “shoes,” but it will be easier to rank above your competition if you focus your efforts here. 

Key an eye on your competitors

Scoping out of the competition is also wise. You can use tools to see what keywords and phrases your competitors are ranking for, as this can help inform your own keyword targeting and help ensure that you stay one step ahead!

Excellent Keyword research is all about finding the best words and phrases to target to boost your business’s visibility online. In doing so, you should see more traffic being driven to your site as you climb up in the SERPS, reach new cohorts of customers, and widen your reach. 

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