Kindle Calculators To Help Manage Your Book Sales

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When it comes to kindle Direct Publishing you need to gain as much insight as possible to ensure that your book is successful. To do this, indie authors need to gather as much data as possible to help them make informed decisions about their book.

Unfortunately, the KDP platform itself isn’t always the most forthcoming, however, there are plenty of other online calculators that can provide valuable insight into your book’s performance. 

Let’s take a look at some of them:

  1. Kindle sales calculator

The more market research you can do, the better your book’s business plan will be. Understanding the potential reach of your book and what it is that competitors are doing can really boost your sales and ensure your book lands in front of the right audiences. If you’ve ever sold through Amazon, you’ll be aware of the Amazon Best Sellers Rank. It’s a number that you can find on every single product page on the platform. While it doesn’t tell you how many copies have been sold it is useful data to have as you can take this figure and use an online calculator to get a fairly accurate estimate. 

Kindlepreneur’s sales rank calculator allows users to enter the BSR number and will give a calculation of the estimated daily sales based on that. While it can’t be 100% accurate this information is still hugely helpful and can encourage authors to make decisions around their categories and keywords, learn more about the competition, and better understand how many copies of your own book you need to sell to outrank them.

KDP printing cost and royalty calculator

If you decide to sell paperbacks as well as eBooks you’ll want to factor in the costs of this. Understanding how much it costs to print and distribute physical copies of your book, and what you’ll be left with once the costs are deducted is essential if you want to keep abreast of how much money you can make from the book sale. 

Among Amazon’s numerous KDP help pages, they have a calculator that will help you break down the costs of printing your book through their print-on-demand service. You need to give it the page count of your book as well as other information such as ink type and once you have input the details it will give you an estimated figure of the printing cost and royalties per sale. 

Kindle royalty calculator for ebooks

If you want to learn what profits you can expect from the different royalty options Amazon offers the ebook royalty calculator can help. Amazon currently has two choices:

the 70% plan for books selling for anywhere between $2.99 and $9.99; and

the 35% plan for all other price points.

The calculator will help you decide which plan is right for you. You might wonder who in their right mind chooses the 35% royalty plan? If you think that you have a far greater chance of selling lots of copies of your book $0.99 than you do at $2.99 you might well end up making a bigger profit if you do choose this price point, even with the lower royalty rate. 

Royalty calculator for Kindle Unlimited

If you join KDP Select you have the opportunity to earn higher royalties in select countries. Your book will also be included in Kindle Unlimited (KU). However, you have to pay to join, and so understanding how you make money through the subscription process is imperative. The KU royalties calculator can help. Each month the KDP global fund figure is announced and authors get a cut of that depending on a per-page-read royalty calculation. The more pages of your book readers read, the more you’ll earn. 

The calculator will help you learn about how much you’ll make depending on how many pages read you have so you’ll have an estimate of your earnings. 

So there you have it — these Kindle calculators can help you understand your book sales, finances and learn about the competition – so they are well worth looking into!

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