Is Being A Good Marketer More Important Than Being A Good Writer?

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These days, we know that writers can’t really just be writers. If you want to stand a good chance of selling your book you need to be an excellent marketer too. In fact, with the competition as fierce as it is, and growing ever more so, it does stand to question, is being a good marketer actually more important than being a good writer?

I’m sure we’ve all seen art that sells for tens of thousands of dollars and thought, ‘I could have done that.’  Or perhaps listened to a cheesy, simple song on a radio by a completely engineered pop group and think, ‘but they can barely sing in tune.’ The same is true of writing, when we read a very mediocre book that for some reasons is topping all the bestseller lists and can’t help but think ‘ but my book is so much better than this.’ Of course, there is a difference between letting our writer envy get in the way of appreciating a good novel, and we have to allow room for personal opinion. However, if is a fact that sometimes very talented writers are overlooked because there book is simply never seen by the right people.

Writing a good story will certainly give you a much better chance of being a successful author. That is a fact. However, what this doesn’t mean is that if you write a good story you will definitely be successful. Nor does it necessarily mean that if you write a ‘bad’ story you won’t be successful. Because if you manage to market that story well, you just might find an audience who appreciates it anyway.

We have to face facts that the more we learn about marketing and the more cleverly we apply marketing methods to our book, the much better our chances are of finding readers. In fact, your results are far more likely to be guaranteed if you do then just by writing something impressive.

What I mean by this is, if you spend lots of your energy planning a strategic, creative, smart marketing strategy. Where you explore all your options, cover all your bases and use your budge wisely, you are far more likely to be able to secure certain results. For example, X number of people downloading your first chapter, signing up to your newsletter, following you on Instagram, sharing your post, and buying your book. 

If you write a fantastic story but have no real idea of how to market it, your chances of the above are greatly diminished.

So should all writers stop focusing on being good writers and start concentrating all their efforts of being good marketers instead? This might defeat the object of trying to become a writer in the first place, but it does bare thinking about. Of course, no writer who is passionate about their craft will want to do this, but the cold hard truth is that if we are not prepared to invest more time into understanding an implementing marketing methods, we could well be doing our writing, and ourselves a grave disservice.

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