How To Write A Great Amazon Author Bio

If you want to sell more books on Amazon Kindle, you need to do everything in your power to make your book as noticeable as possible. One of the ways to do this is by writing a compelling author bio.

Your author bio is a chance to showcase your writing skills and your personality. It’s one of the few opportunities you have to convince readers to buy your book.

However, many writers don’t pay nearly enough attention to creating a compelling and exciting author bio. They view it as something they must do, and therefore begrudgingly knock out a few details, to sum up who they are and don’t think about it again.

If you want to drive sales on Amazon, and indeed on any sites where you place your book, you need to see the creation of an author bio as something much more powerful than this,

A lackluster author bio can make readers judge the kind of personality you have. If you sound dull, detached, impassioned – they’ll take it for granted that your writing will be the same. Lots of writers also don’t get the purpose of an author’s bio. It’s not a place where you need to describe your hobbies and your CV. It should be relevant to the product you are trying to sell – namely your book.

So how do you write a killer Amazon author bio? Here are some useful tips:

Craft an outline and think about links to your book

Start by writing down a list of anything that you’ve done that’s relevant to the book you are trying to sell. Include any research you’ve undertaken, previous job positions that are linked, accreditations, additional novels you’ve published, and any awards. You don’t have to include them all but start by exhausting every possibility, every tie-in, and then see what you are left with.

Remember it’s not about you!

Focusing on the things you like to do in your are time that are not writing-related isn’t a great idea. It would help if you wrote your author bio with your reader in mind. Think about your target audience, who you want to get your book in front of, and then consider what it is they’d want to know, what could tip them over the edge, and persuade them to buy your book. Keep it short and relevant, and if in doubt, leave it out.

Write in the third person and try to add some flair

Remember, every opportunity you have to show potential buyers that you can write well is one you should not take for granted. Make your bio lively and interesting, and be creative if you dare! You should write in the third person and remember to be honest and credible. Making up awards and accreditations is not a good idea. Instead, focus on how long you’ve been writing and the resources you used to create your work.

Don’t forget about your keywords

Remember, your author bio is another place where you have the opportunity to place keywords that are relevant to Amazon. So if you have done your keyword research, make sure that you bother to add them here to help boost your chances of being found by readers who are looking for a book like yours.

By following the above tips, you can ensure that your author bio is working towards boosting your overall sales. Don’t assume that your bio isn’t important and take the time to write it to the best of your ability. It could make all the difference if you do!

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