How To Publish Your Blog On Kindle

If you have written a great blog or have an idea for one, you might be wondering how to make money from it. There are lots of ways you can do this, and the most traditional route is by attempting to gain a following and building up from there until you have a solid audience of fans who wait every week for your new post to be published. The more popular your blog becomes, the easier it will be for you to sell advertising space on your site.

However, another, perhaps more unique way to make money from writing a blog is to sell it via Amazon Kindle. This little known tool can mean that every time someone downloads your blog, you’ll receive royalties for it, and slowly but surely, you can build up a kind of membership on the Kindle platform. 

Publishing your blog on Kindle will not only hopefully generate lots of revenue for you but will also reach a wider audience and new cohorts of people who could become interested in who you are and what you do. It’s also an excellent alternative for people who don’t want to have loads of advertisements sprawled all over their pretty websites but still want to make money from their writing. 

Publishing your blog on Kindle is not the same as doing so through the KDP platform, and you will need a separate account if you’ve already published your work on there – and you’ll need to use a different email address to login. We also found that Firefox was the best browser to do this in, so if you don’t have Firefox, you may wish to download it. 

Once you have done the above, follow the below steps to get your blog live on the Kindle platform. 

Once your Kindle blogging account is set up you then need to add your blog feed. You’ll see an +Add Blog option, and this is where you can then enter the link to your RSS feed. 

You can get your RSS feed by heading to your blog site and adding /feed/ to the end of the URL for your site.once you have navigated to that URL, the raw XML file that makes up the RSS feed should be visible there.

You then need to select the ‘validate feed’ button, and if all the details are OK, you should see a message confirming that the validation was successful. 

The next step is to add the basic blog information that will allow customers to see what kind of content they can expect from you. 

Every field that is married with an asterisk is mandatory, and you should try to fill out as many additional details as possible too. 

Your blog screenshot has to be an 800 x 600-pixel image saved in either GIF, PNG, or JPG format. The size for the Masthead/Banner is 430 x 30 pixels as a maximum.

You can select three categories to describe your blog best – choose these wisely as this is how potentially interested readers will find you. 

Once you have finished inputting all the information and save the blog, you can use the preview button at the bottom of the page to see what it will look like live. If everything looks good, you can then go ahead and publish. After publication, you’ll be automatically directed to the payment information page where you input your account details so payments can be made when people start to purchase your blogs. 

Kindle Blogs are auto-delivered, fully downloaded, and updated regularly during each day, so readers have access 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world.

So if you are looking for a different way to get your blog seen and make some money while you are at it, consider publishing your blog on Kindle; follow the steps above to see if you can reach new fans!

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