How To Pre-Sell Books On Amazon

Amazon’s announcement that they decided to allow authors and publishers to list their books for pre-order on the KDP platform was news to their ears.

We all know how challenging it can be gaining momentum and enthusiasm for our books, and being able to use this feature to generate buzz and get those sales locked in even before the date of release is so helpful. 

Before this, pre-ordering books was something only the most prominent and influential publishers could do. Leveling the playing field in this way is a massive win for indie authors who struggle to get their work in front of the right audiences when competing with giant publishers with huge marketing budgets to boot. 

So how do you go about setting up pre-sales on Amazon? Follow these easy steps!

First, you need to upload your novel to the KDP platform, and when you reach step four of the process, you should notice an option which says:

“Make my book available for pre-order.”

Upon selecting this, you can then decide on your release date, which can be anywhere from 5 days time to 90 days in the future. You’ll then need to upload all the other specifics, such as the book’s description and all the pricing information. 

If you haven’t quite finished your book yet, not to worry, you can still make it available for pre-sale. You just need to indicate to amazon that your manuscript is still in draft. A draft manuscript can be uploaded in place of the final one and can remain there for up to 10 days before your release date but must be replaced by the final version. If you fail to do this before the deadline, the consequences are harsh. Not only will the customers who pre-ordered from you lost faith in you as an author, Amazon also won’t let you use the feature again for a whole year!

Once you have put in all the relevant information, it’s not time to check your listing to ensure that there are no errors, and all the information is correct and as it should be. If you are happy with everything, you can confirm and then set to work promoting your book and asking for reviews, which can be added to the sales page to entice more customers to buy. 

It’s worth noting that if your book is listed for pre-order, buyers won’t be able to use the “look inside” feature until the release date. 

There is no denying that it’s not easy to sell pre orders of your novel if you are a little-known or previously unpublished writer. However, with a good marketing plan and the right promotion, you can generate some buzz for your book, which could encourage readers to buy early. 

So there you have it, all you need to know about pre-selling books on Amazon – good luck!

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