How To Make Your Blog Compatible With Your Author Brand

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Blogging regularly is one of the most effective ways to gather more readers. Your author website is a platform from which you can present yourself and your work. It is one of the only places where you have complete control and so considering your author brand and how your blog posts tie into that is important, and done well, can help readers understand what you have to offer them, create trust and loyalty and build up your reputation.

Whether you are an indie author or have a contract with a traditional publisher, everyone knows that authors must blog. A blog is a fantastic marketing tool yet is still under-utilized by many writers who refuse to acknowledge its power. 

A blog is a line of connection and communication between the author and their readers. Many authors struggle with being a public figure, and if you are an introvert, your blog can be the ideal way to show readers who is behind their favorite stories without having to expose too much of yourself. 

A blog also allows readers to respond to you. You can gather useful insights about your demographic, get feedback from your target audience, and reveal the person behind the brand. It’s up to you how much personal stuff you include of course, but doing so can provide more of a connection and foster customer loyalty too. 

Your blog is also your chance to build credibility. Let your readers know that you know your stuff by posting well-written entertaining, professional-sounding blogs that will help show off your writing style and knowledge. If you can demonstrate that you are intelligent, passionate, creative, and interesting this will prove to readers that you not only mean business, but can also deliver the goods too, and they’ll be much less reluctant to buy your books if they already gain a sense of the quality and style of your writing from your blog posts.  

Your blog is also one of the few things you have absolute control over, and if it’s decent, it’s much easier to find a following as a blogger than from trying to gain attention from your books alone. So focusing on your blog can get you noticed, and can help you gain confidence as a writer too. People liking and sharing your posts are ‘quick wins’ and help you to feel like you are gaining momentum, that people like your work, and you’re not just posting your work into an endless black void of nothingness – which is always a good thing. 

You don’t need money to post, you don’t need to be tech-savvy and blogging can be something that you fit around other tasks as it takes less focus and intense concentration than novel writing might. The rewards far outweigh the effort, so there are no more excuses – use your blog to boost your author brand, connect with your audience, and make a difference in your success as a writer. Start now!

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