How To Find Your Businesses USP

One thing that every business should be clear on is their unique selling point. Without a USP to promote the products and service you offer you are going to have a hard time trying to convince customers that they should choose your brand over another.

A great USP, however, will entice new customers, have them raving about your brand and give you an edge over the competition to ensure your business success.

However, finding your USP can be easier said than done. For some, it is obvious, for example being the ‘cheapest’ option. However, for many businesses pricing their products and services low isn’t going to get them the ROI they want or deserve.

So what are some methods you can use to find your USP?

List the features of your products and services and the benefits they provide

What are you selling? What is it you offer to the world. List every single product or service you have to sell and then write down the benefits of each. Creating a list can help you identify what it is that sets you apart from your competitors, and once you know that, you have your USP.

Figure out what problems people have that you can solve

One of the most important things any business can do is solve peoples problems. Whatever kind of business you are in there will be issues that people have that by using your service or buying your products makes those problems disappear. Try to ascertain what a customer looking for products like yours would want from them, and why they need them, focus on this perspective to create your USP.

Figure out what makes you different

Every company conducts its business in a different way and offers different things, even if much of what they sell and how they operate is the same. Identify how aspects of your products or services differ from your competitors and make sure they are things that your competitors cannot emulate. If you offer things that cannot easily be replicated or copied these should all be considered USPs and capitalized upon.

Write down words and phrases that not only clearly demonstrate the benefits your products and services bring, but what makes them unique, what makes them stand out. Keep these sentences as short as possible and you might see that some words or phrases are repetitive and stand out. Use these to communicate your core USP to potential customers.

Understanding your businesses USP is imperative. Use the above tips to help you and once you are clear on what that is, make sure your customers know about it too!

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