Don’t Have Much Budget To Spend On Digital PR? Here Are Some Things You Can Do

For smaller businesses, digital marketing can feel like a complex burden that’s too much of a challenge to dedicate any real time or resource too.

However, while there are lots of ways to spend big on digital marketing, the good news is you don’t have to have much of a budget to use some of the tools out there to help boost your digital PR which, in turn, can help you attract new customers, increase your organic search results, drive traffic to your website or increase your customer base.

In fact, every business should have a plan to invest in digital PR as it really is crucial to helping your business grow.

So if you have a small or even a nonexistent budget for digital PR, what are your options? Here are some helpful tips:

Make time for it

You might not be able to afford a team of experts or a digital marketing company to manage your digital PR, but you do need to be able to afford some time to work out and implement a strategy. You may have other pressing business matters at hand but identifying some time in your schedule will ensure that you can make progress.

Don’t fear it

All you need to start boosting your digital PR is the ability to build relationships. You can do this by creating informative, valuable content that online journalists, bloggers, and influencers will want. If you can do that then you have a great start and can continue to nurture your relationships from there. Eventually, you can get backlinks from reputable high-authority websites who have shared and linked to your content which will naturally boost your business, your reputation, and your SEO.

Handle media relations

You can build your relationship with journalists by creating content for them to publish on their websites. You will have to offer it up for free but in doing so you can leverage followed backlinks to your own site, encouraging more traffic to come there.

If you or someone in your team has a particular set of skills or in-depth knowledge about a certain topic, write about it. There will always be an audience, however niche, that will lap up this information and be happy to shout about your brand because of it. An expert opinion or a unique angle is something that journalists are always interested in, so pitch them some ideas to see if any will bite.

Find genuine links to hot topics. Has something come out in the news lately that relates to your business? Are there any awareness days that are relevant to the industry you operate in? Are there any upcoming trends that you could jump on the bandwagon of? Being aware of what’s going on not only in your industry but all around, and identifying PR opportunities can help you create useful, current content that’s more likely to get you noticed.

Remember, timing is everything, so if you want to ensure your content is seen by the right people at the right time you need to do your research and prepare in advance. Create a content calendar and allow yourself time to write each piece and send it out to the relevant press to ensure you are always one step ahead and don’t miss out on any opportunities.

Remember to measure your results

At first, digital PR can involve a bit of trial and error, but if you are willing to experiment and put tools in place to measure what works and what doesn’t, you can refine your strategy and focus your resources on where you achieve the most success.

So there you have it, you don’t need much time nor a big budget to successfully create and implement a digital PR strategy, so now you have no excuses. Get out there and start working on yours today!

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