Google Local Inventory Ads – What Exactly Are They?

Google Local Inventory Ads can be particularly useful for driving traffic to your shop by advertising what’s on offer (i.e., your inventory) and telling your customers where you are based.

Including Google Local Inventory Ads in your marketing strategy makes good sense for any business owner with a bricks and mortar store. If customers want to find a particular product or service nearby, your business listing can come up if it’s relevant to that search.

Local inventory ads appear if shoppers search Google and add the phrases “near me” or “local.” The listing that appears will show up if a particular retailer has that product in stock close by

The most crucial aspect to note is the ad results have “In-Store” on them, which helps make it clear to the customer that if they go to that particular store now, they will find their desired product.

There are two types of storefront that the browser can see after they have clicked on the ad. Either a merchant hosted storefront which is a page that’s hosted on the retailer’s own website, or
a Google-hosted local storefront. This option would mean the browser remains on Google’s platform, which allows the potential customer to see where the store is located, its opening times, and the product image more clearly.

It also gives the option to purchase online (if the business has this as a possibility) and get directions via Google Maps.

There are advantages to each type of storefront which are as follows:

Merchant hosted local storefronts are advantageous because they provide the business (or agency in charge of PPC ads) to track the whole customer experience. Therefore there is a massive opportunity to remarket the product via Google Display Network if they never make it to the point of sale and complete their purchase.

Google-hosted local storefronts also have significant benefits. They can be displayed while offering a more streamlined user experience without the need to move away from the Google platform. For businesses with less intuitive sites, this can mean a Google-hosted local storefront is more appealing with the added trustworthy appeal of Google if your business and brand are not very well known.

Google Local Inventory Ads – great for business

There are many reasons why businesses of all shapes and seizes should get on board with Google Local Inventory Ads. For a start, they are useful store promotions and let customers know what you have in stock. They tell customers ‘I’ve got what you are looking for, come and get it!’

They are also useful for bringing local shops online and provide a slick, smart, and reliable digital platform to let would-be customers known what you’ve got to offer them in real-time.

Google Local Inventory Ads allow those local businesses to easily measure their ads’ effectiveness in terms of their footfall through the door and sales.

Most business could undoubtedly benefit from Google Local Inventory Ads, so why not explore them further and see if they boost the number of visitors to your store and increase your sales potential.

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