10 KDP Mistakes To Avoid

If it is your first time publishing your novel on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), it can be easy to make mistakes that could affect your book’s success.

Earning a living as a self-published author isn’t easy. Still, it is possible, and in the last decade, there has been a significant rise in the number of self-published authors who have found fame and fortune by shirking the traditional publishing route and taking matters into their own hands.

Being aware of the most common publishing mistakes that authors make when using KDP can help ensure that when you come to publish your own work, you have the very best chance of success. So let’s take a look at some of them. 

Not researching the best programs to help write your book

Lots of writers still use Word documents to type their manuscripts, but this can be a costly mistake. Word isn’t excellent at handling large documents, isn’t explicitly designed for novels, and can crash quickly. Using a platform designed for writers such as Scrivener where you can write and edit your book easily and add things such as chapter numbering, paragraph indents and spacing, chapter titles, images and so on all at with a few strokes of the keyboard can make the process seamless, smooth and hassle-free. A program like this will also export your file in precisely the format KDP requires, so you don’t have to spend stressful hours trying to reformat everything to get it to look right once you’re finished. 

Not hiring an editor

It doesn’t matter how good a writer you are, and it doesn’t matter how excellent your spelling, grammar, and punctuation is – your book WILL have mistakes. If you don’t hire a professional editor to go through it and help ensure your writing is polished to perfection, you will regret it. Eagle-eyed readers will spot these mistakes and will have no qualms in telling you about them publicly. Errors in your novel are embarrassing and make you seem unprofessional and will put off other readers, so do yourself a favor and make that investment. You’ll be glad that you did.

Selling copies in advance and not getting people to submit reviews saying so

We all know that social proof is an effective marketing strategy. So when it comes to launching your book, you need to get positive reviews on there pronto. Selling advance copies and getting those who have already read your book to explicitly say the got advanced copies, however, is essential – why? Because otherwise, people might think that these reviews aren’t real. How would someone launch a book and have tonnes of reviews in the space of a few days? If you create suspicion, people won’t believe in you, which could be disastrous for your book. 

Being poorly prepared for what happens after publication

If you expect just to hit the publish button and sit on your laurels and wait for sales to roll in, then forget it! The real work begins not during the writing stage, not during the editing stage, but after you’ve released your book. It can be all too easy to misjudge how much effort will be required to launch your product, and you need to have a robust plan in place to ensure that you generate buzz, push marketing campaigns, analyze your metrics and stats and promote in any way that you can!

Expecting everyone to like it

You have to prepare yourself for the haters. No one in the history of the world has written a book that everyone loves. People will say critical things about your book. Hopefully, the positive reviews will outweigh the negative ones, but you must be prepared for those, and they may be harsh, and they may feel unfair, but you need to learn to take it in your stride and accept that this is the same for every author. 

Forgetting to have fun

Publishing a book is hard work, and if you want to make money from it, it’s even harder. But if that’s all you focus on, you’ll suffocate all the excitement and the fun you can have with it too. You’ve got to enjoy the process, and you’ve got to be a bit fatalistic. If you aren’t enjoying it after all, what’s the point? 

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