3 Important Secrets Amazon Kindle Authors Need To Know

Becoming a successful author via Amazon Kindle is many a writer’s dream. However, with so much competition, it can be challenging to get your book noticed at all, let alone see it rise up the rankings to bestseller status. 

However, the more you learn about Amazon Kindle, the more you’ll discover little tricks, tweaks, and secrets to help authors ensure they are giving their book the very best chance of becoming successful.

So what are some of the little known Amazon Kindle tips that you can use to get an edge over the competition? Here are some of them:

You can change the marketing copy free of charge whenever you like

You have no doubt spent time coming up with the perfect marketing copy to make sure that your book sells. However, if, for some reason, your words aren’t working for you, you can try out something different to see if that changes things and sees those sales rolling in. You also might find that as time passes, your sales copy becomes outdated, or a particular real-life event may occur that you could use to tie into your blurb and make it more relevant and enticing. Whatever your reasons for wanting to change, many authors fail to simply because they think they can’t, or that they will have to pay for the privilege. However, this is not the case. 

To do this, all you need to do is create an account with Author Central. Once you have the account, you have control to adjust the text yourself as well as your author’s bio. This little known back door means you can remain in control of how your book is presented to shoppers on Amazon. 

You can use Amazon’s audience to grow your email list. 

Millions of people buy the books they read via Amazon, so publishing your book on this platform makes good sense. However, many authors don’t know that they can use Amazon’s readers and convert them into email subscribers at no cost. You can do this via Kindle Direct Publishing, which allows you to set up permanently free ebooks that can drive readers to subscribe to your email list. 

Of course, it takes time to create a free ebook but if you do so and place it on the Kindle Store as a free download, you can add a special offer for additional free content that will drive readers to a landing page on your author site. When they visit your site, you can encourage them to join your email list to access the additional content, and hey presto! Suddenly, you have a massive list of subscribers that you can market your work to. 

Amazon helps you find your readers

We all know how important it is to discover who are readers are, and Amazon will give you a helping hand to find yours. If you head to your Amazon page and look at the “Customers Also Bought” section, this shows you the similar authors and titles to your own work. This data is hugely helpful as it gives you great insight into where you should focus your advertising efforts on Amazon and social sites such as Facebook. 

By discovering the authors that your audience likes, you can then create marketing campaigns targeted at people who have listed that they like that author on social sites. This way, you know your advertising campaigns will appear to an audience that likes books similar to yours. 

These three secrets can be beneficial when trying to secure the success of your book on Amazon. So take advantage of them as soon as you can!

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