Why You Should Update Your Old Blog Posts

Once you post a blog on your site you might think your work is done, but it really pays to go back through your old blog posts from time to time and update the content in them.

There are several reasons why you might do this:

To repurpose them and make them work twice as hard

If you’ve got a lot more to say on a topic, or some new information has come to light, or you want to go back and address something you write in the past, you can take your previously written blog, give it a refresh and repost it. Repurposing old content in this way means you can make the most of everything you’ve written. 

To ensure all your posts are the best they can be

Your older posts are likely not going to be as polished and professional as your latest ones, especially if you’ve been running your blog for some time now. The more we write and the more we learn about our topic the better we’ll write about it. Looking back over blog posts you might find that your writing style has completely changed, or even that you find yourself cringing as you read them. Here is an opportunity to ensure that all your posts are slick and professional, no matter where a reader finds themselves on your site.

To correct mistakes

Sometimes technologies change or popular opinion changes or new discoveries mean that things we once took as fact, are now in question. By checking through our previous posts we can make sure that all the information we present to our readers is as factually correct and up to date as possible.

Going back through your old post will create a better experience for your readers, it also could naturally boost your SEO as Google loves fresh content so you’ll get some brownie points from them. You can also add new links to your more recent work to keep readers more likely to stay on your site. 

If you can’t imagine when you’ll have time to go through every single post you have ever done, try to at least focus on the most popular posts you’ve previously written and give them a boost, as these are the ones that are most likely to do well again. 

If you haven’t already repurposed some of your old blog content, hopefully, the above will persuade you to do so. So next time you have some time, try to get updating that old content, you’ll be so glad you did. 

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